Su-Jok: A therapy that can keep you healthy inside, out

With over 10 million infections and 500,000 dead, medical science is now seeing COVID-19 as a virus that does more harm than just attacking the respiratory system, and in some cases, that damage could be catastrophic.

It turns out that the virus can attack the pancreas, the heart, the liver, the brain, the kidney, and other organs. In addition to respiratory distress, patients with COVID-19 can experience blood clotting disorders that can lead to strokes, and extreme inflammation that attacks multiple organ systems. The virus can also cause neurological complications that range from headache, dizziness and loss of taste or smell to seizures and confusion.

Persons with a pre-condition of high blood pressure and diabetes have been categorized as most vulnerable to develop COVID-19. Some people suffering with severe cases of COVID-19 are showing signs of kidney damage, even those who had no underlying kidney problems before they were infected with the coronavirus. Studies conducted by a leading research hospital in the United States say that up to 30% of patients hospitalised with COVID-19 can develop moderate or severe kidney injury. However, many doctors feel that the real percentage could be much higher as many COVID-19 cases may have not been reported or may have gone undetected, as witnessed in many parts of India.

It is a known fact that the trio of kidney, liver and pancreas are the first line of defense against illness as they are responsible for cleaning and disposing off impurities and harmful agents from within our body. Medication of any kind (including intake of vitamin supplements, Ayurvedic, herbals and homeopathy) does both good and bad. That is, in helping us guard against or recover from ailments, it unduly taxes the defence system once the natural or formulated chemicals have broken down. With no known cure for the deadly virus, most of us have started solicited and unsolicited un-researched un-scientific trials on self to the point of ingesting the ridiculous to keep our selves safe, without concern of how these actions may actually harm us.

Signs of kidney problems in patients with COVID-19 include high levels of protein in the urine and abnormal blood work. It is believed that the virus can easily attach itself to weak or diseased cells and tissues within the kidneys and related organs. Lack of oxygen absorption and unregulated doses of internally taken immunity boosters may also cause damage to kidney tissue thanks to surges in a chemical produced in the body called cytokine. Therefore, how harmless a treatment may seem, it is always a good option to take a medical opinion on what is good for the body – if being taken internally.

The most natural way of keeping the internal defence system in order is consuming good, clean, alkaline water. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that have not been overcooked, moderate the quantity of protein and fat intake, a healthy dose of exercise and fresh air coupled with breathing exercises. Of course, reducing if not eliminating smoking, alcohol, and non-vegetarian food helps in reducing the pressure on your defence system. To augment your efforts, there are ways of externally boosting the strength of the organs which is called “Tonification”.

Let me first show you ways of self-assessing the health of your defence mechanism. If the kidneys are not functioning properly, weakness sets in from the lower back down to legs. Most obvious signs are, frequent backaches, pain in knees and ankles, swollen feet, frequent urination, and sudden blurry vision. The diagram below shows pressure points which are associated with different ailments and by stimulating these points; pasting mung seed, methi seeds or a Byol magnet; it is possible to tone problematic organ.

K 3, CV 4, GV 4, UB 23, Sp6, ↑ Tones Kidneys

Liv 8, UB 18 ↑ Tones Liver

Si 3, UB 62 ↑ Tones Spine,

GB 20, Liv 3 ↓ Clears Vision

Liv 3, GB 34, CV 6, UB 17, Sp 10 ↓Pain in Limbs

Liv 3 ↓ treats, if there are Spasms

↑ Tonify i.e. Paste germinating point of mung seed or yellow of Byol magnet touching the skin

↓ Sedate i.e. Paste Methi seed, or white of Byol magnet touching the skin

Su-Jok: A therapy that can keep you healthy inside, out

Now let me show you simple ways of building the strength of your defence system. I say system and not mechanism is because a strong system is responsible for building the internal defence (immunity) mechanism. Let us get started:

Ancient Vedics discovered that all our organs can be treated by pressure stimulation, application of colour, pasting seeds on our wrist, ankles, fingers, toes - phalanges and knuckles, ears, nose, eye socket and nails. One can stimulate fingers and toes by twisting, like the way shown in the picture below. Do it two to three times a day for about five to eight minutes and if feeling uncomfortable, then wrap the joint or phalange of finger with methi, apply colour or magnets, on meridian system as a preventive health care.

Su-Jok: A therapy that can keep you healthy inside, out

By stimulating horizontal, vertical and spiral meridians on fingers and toes, nails and the mega meridians on wrists, one can get rid of most of the health problems.

Su-Jok: A therapy that can keep you healthy inside, out
Su-Jok: A therapy that can keep you healthy inside, out
Su-Jok: A therapy that can keep you healthy inside, out
Su-Jok: A therapy that can keep you healthy inside, out

Ten Elements Theory:

1: Lungs – Large intestine, 2: Heart – Small intestine, 3: Liver – Gall bladder, 4: Kidney – Urinary bladder, 6: Time element, 7: Direction element, 8: Mind element, 9: Soul element.

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