Simply Su-Jok: Solutions for your common health issues

It has been observed that most people who develop COVID-19, experience mild or moderate symptoms that, at times, subside on their own. However, for some, these mild or moderate symptoms can escalate into a more serious problem. And, those who have recovered from Covid, go on to experience its after effects.

Generally, many patients complain of weakness, which can be solved with Su-Jok treatment by pasting seven mung seeds with its germinating point touching the skin on appropriate points on the palm and six mung seeds on the back of the hand (for clarity watch the video at Apart from weakness, many also complain about anxiety, memory lapses, skin rashes, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. These too can be self-treated at home with simple mudras.

A common factor between Sujok therapy, reflexology, ayurvedic acupressure and mudra yoga is pressure points in the hands and feet to stay healthy.

You can self-treat most of your health problems by massaging, twisting, pasting methi seeds, or byol magnets on your phalanges or finger joints. Whether Covid related or not, here are some self-treatment options that can bring some relief:

Simply Su-Jok: Solutions for your common health issues
Simply Su-Jok: Solutions for your common health issues
Simply Su-Jok: Solutions for your common health issues
Simply Su-Jok: Solutions for your common health issues
Simply Su-Jok: Solutions for your common health issues

Extreme fatigue: GV 3 , or Black colour on kidney points.

Muscle weakness: CV 4

Low-grade fever: CV 4, 6, UB 20, 23, St 36 all

Severe anxiety: H 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, (paste methi seeds on the said points)

Trouble sleeping: H 7, 8, Sp 6, Li 11, GV 19, UB 13,15, 39 all

Diarrhea: Sp 6, 9, UB 22, St 25, CV 6 (Left & Right) all

Vomiting: P 6, CV 12, St 36, Li 4, (L & R) all

Loss of taste: Tw 22

Loss of smell: GV 23-1

Sore throat: Lu 11, Li 4, St 44, Li 11, CV 22, Lu 5, Si 19 (paste methi seeds on all points)

Onset of diabetes: P 8. or Liv 2

High blood pressure: LMM 7 Br N Flow 2,4,7, 9 1, 3, 8, 0

(Please note: Lungs is Lu, Pericardium – P, Heart – H, Liver – Liv, Spleen – Sp, Kidney – K, Large Intestine – Li, Tripple warmer (Spine) – Tw. Small Intestine – Si, Gall Bladder – GB, Stomach – St, Urinary Bladder – UB, Convention Vessel – CV, Governing Vessel – GV, Left Mega Merdian – LMM, Br – Branch, Normal Flow – N, Tone - , Sedate - . If problems persist, please consult a doctor.)

You can watch the video on YouTube ( for more clarity on above-mentioned treatments.

(The Free Press Journal along with the Lions Club of Mumbai ACTION would like to guide people on how to treat self through non-invasive, therapies like Sujok, Ayurvedic Acupressure and Mudra Yoga. This is complementary and will not override the treatment given by doctor. Please share your problems by writing to us at; You can also share the problem on WhatsApp at 9323178565.)

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