Simply Su-Jok: Heal your hands

Strange as it is, the most used, and perhaps the most important limb of the human body – the hand – has been held responsible for the COVID-19 contagion. Had we ever thought that one-day hand wash and sanitizer will become an integral part of our life? Or visiting a public space or touching random objects could risk yours and your family’s life? Thanks to COVID-19 pandemic, that now we all have understood the importance of washing hands. It is another matter of concern that we may be overdoing it and putting ourselves in a different zone of risk.

Just take a moment to hold your hands out in front of you and take a deep look at them. They are the only two hands you will ever have. It has been estimated that almost 20% of all disabling accidents at home or on the job involve the hands. Without your fingers or hands, your ability to do any kind of work would be greatly reduced. Human hands are unique. No other creature in the world has hands that can grasp, hold, move, and manipulate objects like human hands. They are one of your greatest assets, not just to aid you in accomplishing tasks, but to nurse you back into good health. Virtually any ailment in any part of your body can be identified and treated by stimulating points on your hand alone. In my books, hands must be protected and cared for.

During the lockdown, with time on our “hands”, we began doing a whole lot of new things. Some, which we did not want to or could never ever imagine of doing earlier, and some that we wanted to but didn’t have enough time for. Cooking, baking, drawing, painting, writing, sewing, washing dishes, home improvements, playing board and video games, playing guitar or piano, cleaning the house, posting more frequent updates on social media, more use of the computer, lifting weights – not just the gym variety, and possibly taking up the 20 push-up – pull-up challenge among many others. The common thread in most of our new-found talent or engagement involves the use of the fingers, palms, wrist, elbow, upper arms, and shoulders. While we may not consider it as abuse, but any activity involving any of our limbs is susceptible to small and big injuries.

Here are some examples of things which can pose a serious risk to arms:

- Knives and implements or objects with sharp edges can inflict cuts – superficial – deep and if not careful – even amputate.
- Staples, screwdrivers, nails, chisels, and stiff wire can puncture your hands.
- Getting your hands caught in machinery with moving parts can sprain, crush, or remove your hands and fingers.

Working from home on modified non-ergo metric furniture surfaces can put a strain on various muscles, tendons, and nerves running along the length of the arm. These types of injuries are typically referred to as musculoskeletal disorders or MSDs. A major culprit irrespective of where you work from is the repetitive motion injury. Whenever you repeat the same hand movement over a long period of time, you run the risk of repetitive motion problems. Repetitive motion problems often appear as a numbness or tingling sensation accompanied by pain and the loss of gripping power in your hands. A common complaint from excessive use of computer and typing on the smartphone is the development of a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome.

Coming in contact with caustic or toxic chemicals, biological substances, electrical sources, or extremely cold or hot objects can irritate or burn your hands. But a more serious problem is the development of MSD from the consumption of common over the counter medication.

The hands are the exact replicas of the body, described in our earlier articles on Su-Jok and Ayurvedic Acupressure which you can check on our website, it will brush up your knowledge. Lions Clubs’ Sujok’s videos on YouTube will guide you on how to find the treatment points with Jimmy or any blunt article. Stretchable steel ring, if moved up and down in all fingers three to four times for four to five minutes will relieve you from golf elbow, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, pain in upper arm or forearm, writer's cramps, etc., plastic thumb pad can stimulate your hands and free you from frozen shoulders, backache, pains, etc. The website offers knowledge about the use of meridians to treat fingers, wrist, hands, elbows arms, and shoulders by yourself without stepping outside your home that too through seeds, colours, and tiny magnets. For example stimulate the joint connecting Index and small fingers to the palm, front and back, for treatment of shoulders, stimulation of phalanges, upper and lower finger joints with stretchable ring corresponding to upper and lower arms, and fingers offer, instant relief from pain. Don’t forget to stimulate the neck portion for any problem related to shoulders or fingertips as cervical vertebras control this part of the body.

At night paste methi, mung seeds, channa grams with microsurgical tape on portions stimulated and allow it to cure to health problems. There is a detailed treatment for other problems like arthritis, neuralgia, numbness, shaking of any part of arms; the same treatments are available on the website.

Simply Su-Jok: Heal your hands
Simply Su-Jok: Heal your hands

Watch how you can the pain in shoulder and hands

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