New Year 2021: How pandemic is affecting people's resolutions & goals

At the beginning of 2020, many of us had decided to accomplish personal goals or improve existing life. Quite a natural thought when it comes to making New Year resolutions, whereby a person resolves to continue good practices or change an undesired trait or behaviour. However, a few months into 2020, New Year was replaced by ‘New Normal’ for the entire globe, which we are a part of until this moment. It undoubtedly changed the dynamics of looking at life and compelled us to rethink about several aspects connected with the resolutions we made back then. Today as we await 2021, the resolutions we make are going be a reflection of the trying times.

“Lessons learnt hard way, is what I can say about 2020. Even though I had not decided on making resolutions, the pandemic compelled me to adopt lifestyle changes which I would not have thought of otherwise,” says Mumbai-based Ankush Purohit. A software engineer by profession, Purohit, who loves to indulge in street food has not eaten anything from outside since May 2020. And, that plays a major role in his New Year resolution.

New Year 2021: How pandemic is affecting people's resolutions & goals

“I have decided to stick to home-cooked food as much as possible and avoid eating out. You can count this as my only resolution for 2021; doing this helped me shed extra kilos, and made me fitter and healthier,” he adds. No wonder, cooking trials and emerging home chefs were all over social media highlighting their newly acquired skills during the unforeseen lockdown.

Stavio Gonsalves, who found his ladylove and companion for life this year, sees 2021 as a year of personal growth and commitment. “First the time, my resolution for the New Year is not for me alone, but for us as couple. Staying focused towards goals and aspirations, and supporting each other throughout the year is what I look forward to in 2021,” says Stavio, who recently got married.

“Every year I make resolutions and by the end of January, I pretend to forget. In the coming year I plan to keep myself fit, first mentally by travelling more, and second, physically by taking out time for workout,” says Vishakha Fulsunge, India’s first female moto vlogger popularly known as RiderGirl Vishakha. “I want to start off with a snow trek somewhere in India and also wish to explore six new countries in the next 12 months. Buying a new bike is my top priority,” she further adds.

New Year 2021: How pandemic is affecting people's resolutions & goals

“My new year resolution is to treat the entire planet as my home. We treat the premises of our actual homes with such care and do exactly opposite when it comes to Mother Earth. Recent pandemic was ways of nature to get back at us and let us all know that what goes around comes around,” says Salil Jamdar, Digital Content Creator. “So yes, this New Year, my resolution is not ab-crunching my way to a six-pack, but doing my bit give my planet a much better shape,” opines Salil.

New Year 2021: How pandemic is affecting people's resolutions & goals

Taking it slow, and focusing on overall well-being is what Raj Shamani, Founder, Shamani Industries has aimed for. “This year changed everything for me and my perspective towards resolutions. Every year most of us make intense resolutions for ourselves, 90% of them related to buying something big or are related to audacious goals like getting abs or spending a ton on holidays. But this year we realised that when everything goes down south we start focusing on personal well-being and that of our loved ones,” he says.

“After this pandemic, I am not craving anything intense or big, and unlike every year, the only resolution this year is to be consistent with daily tasks to improve mental, physical and financial health on every day basis," adds Raj, who is also a Podcaster.

If 2020 saw many taking artistic endeavours, 2021 for some is to take their newly acquired skills to next level. “Never in my life had I imagined that I would learn to paint, and that too on glass. Today that I have learnt to paint glass planes and bottles, and I want to seriously take up this art form as an alternative hobby as well as an additional source of income,” says Niharika Rajani, a Chandigarh resident, who is pursuing B.Com by attending online classes made available to them by her college due to pandemic.

“Along with my studies, I want to be a part of professional glass painting artisans camp in this year. My resolution is to connect more and more with such artisans all across India which will help me garner new skills required to enhance my work,” opines Niharika, who aims to be a Chartered Accountant (CA).

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