In times of Corona, Su-Jok karona!

Opening the newspaper as we knew it, or the electronic one that we are getting used to, there is no getting away from horror stories of people arriving at testing centres or hospitals – only to be turned away, because of lack of testing kits or beds. Then we read about people from the slightest of cold-fever-flu symptoms rushing to the hospital to be tested – just to be sure, after all, there is no “taking a chance” where this virus is concerned.

To make matters worse, there’s currently, no treatment specifically approved for COVID-19, and no cure for an infection, although treatments and vaccines are currently under study. Instead, the treatment protocol currently being administered is also a kind of “hit and run” that focuses on managing the symptoms as the virus runs its course.

In times of Corona, Su-Jok karona!

Since Covid-19 belongs to the same family of other coronaviruses like SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome), experimental treatments are being conducted to see how effective they are. Each day, there is talk of some treatment method working where others are failing. Examples of therapies used for these illnesses include:

• Antiviral or retroviral medications

• Breathing support, such as mechanical ventilation

• Steroids to reduce lung swelling

• Blood plasma transfusions

None of the above therapies is cheap or sure shot and chances of contracting coronavirus become high when a person visits a hospital or a medical centre for testing or admission. The best solution then is to be proactive in preventing an attack in the first place, and to do so, one must prevent the transmission of infection by avoiding or limiting contact with people who are showing symptoms of any form of flu, fever or any respiratory infection. The next best thing you can do is practice good hygiene and physical distancing to prevent bacteria and viruses from being transmitted.

Let’s address the symptoms first. Some symptoms that have been specifically linked to COVID-19 include a combination of:

• Experiencing shortness of breath

• A cough that gets more aggravated over time

• Fever that starts off low but gradually increases in temperature

• Fatigue and body ache

Unfortunately, these are the same symptoms of the common flu, and that’s the reason one is never sure of what one could be suffering from. Then, there are chances of a person having contracted the virus but not showing any symptoms at all, or from normal slip into a severe symptomatic condition. It would be advisable to call emergency medical services if you or someone you care for have any of the following symptoms – especially if the concerned is diabetic, asthmatic or already has a life-threatening medical condition:

• Laboured breathing

• Blue lips or face

• Persistent pain or pressure in the chest

• Excessive drowsiness

The suggestions here are by no means a substitute for medical advice, but if you are having difficulty in accessing it, the following can be considered as ‘First Aid’...

Treatment for spiking fever:

Blackening the tips of five fingers for treatment of fever, as shown in the figure below, is based on discovery of Prof. Park Jae Woo’s Sujok Therapy Insect system, that each finger represents our body therefore, the tip of the finger is corresponding to head. Black colour cools the head, hence we should apply black colour with the help of a marker or ink. For better and effective results, do this therapy at night.

In times of Corona, Su-Jok karona!

Treatment for shortness in breath:

For treating asthma and breathless apply methi strip on base joint all around on left hand’s ring finger and on right hand’s little finger. For palpitation and breathlessness, apply methi strip on little fingers of both hands. A person may feel suffocated in a crowded and closed space or in an enclosed space due to lack of proper ventilation and may have difficulty in breathing. By pressing Lu 4, the person starts getting additional oxygen, thus reviving him/her. The point can be located by touching the straightened arm with the tip of the nose. The point is where the tip of the nose touches the arm.

In times of Corona, Su-Jok karona!

Treatment for cough:

For treating cough and cold apply black dots on inner side of the right hand’s index finger. You can also apply yellow, orange and blue dots on the outer side of the thumb. Refer to the images below.

In times of Corona, Su-Jok karona!
In times of Corona, Su-Jok karona!

Treatment for fatigue:

In order to boost your body’s stamina all you have to do is put two dots on backside of your palm.

In times of Corona, Su-Jok karona!

For sudden loss of voice:

To tackle problems like a sudden loss of voice, massage pressure point H 4, 5, 6 and 7 on your hands. The points are located on the front medial side of the arm as shown in the figure below.

In times of Corona, Su-Jok karona!

(From increasing metabolism to overcoming physical problems, through a series of article, Prof Luthria will speak about the art of self-healing through different healing techniques.)

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