Have a happy and stress-free Valentine's Day, here's how

Valentine’s Day is finally here! And it is very typical of people clamouring to make dinner reservations or gifting the perfect valentine’s card. Similarly, if you struggle to have a loved one to share the festivities with, this day can be suffused with inner isolation or dismay. It is important to calibrate what love really means to you, no matter what category you fall into.

Mindfulness and meditation help to provide us with gateways through which we can interact with the kind of love that nurtures inner attachment, self-reliance, and kindness. Although there are many tips on celebrating the day of no pressure Valentine’s, one of the most meaningful ways to look after your emotional well-being.

Have a happy and stress-free Valentine's Day, here's how

Our brain is a social organ and we are bound to connect and interact with each other. And, with this pandemic, it can make for a stressful and lonely day for those who may be single or away from loved ones. This valentine’s day let’s take a mindful will facilitate you with few ways to celebrate self-care and self-compassion:

Having an abundance mindset: While the scarcity mindset typically focuses on what we don’t have, abundant thinking on the other hand is an attitude that emphasizes on what we do have. It facilitates us to witness possibilities rather than limitations thus shifting our perspective. It can aid us in leading more resilient and creative lives and help our brains to function at their highest levels of productivity and collaboration.

Have a happy and stress-free Valentine's Day, here's how

Also termed as hedonic adaptation, it explains that when our expectations are met, we tend to return to the same level of happiness we had before the gains. Retelling yourself of all that you have and understanding that more will never fill you up will allow you to understand just how privileged you are.

Alongside engaging in gratitude also activates dopamine in your brain, which facilitates you to feel content, healthier and cultivates a more expansive mindset.

Emanate love with no strings attached: Our heart has the biggest electromagnetic field in the body and is roughly about sixty times greater in amplitude as compared to the brain. We interconnect non-verbally through the electromagnetic field of the heart.

Breathing, meditation, and gratitude practices can aid you to nurture empathy and self-love while also altering your heart rhythm and the way you interact.

Encourage faith: When you feel as if the whole world is against you, it can be very easy to lose faith in a better path. We require the necessary tools to bring us out of that state and to run by us that we have control over our lives.

Have a happy and stress-free Valentine's Day, here's how

When you get caught up in such a scarcity mindset, mind healing tools like yoga, meditation, spending time amidst nature, reading an inspiring book, or conversing with a trust-worthy person or a mental health expert can help cultivate faith in you.

Awaken to susceptibility: Feeling a sense of love in your life tends to start from the inside out. For you to be able to produce the space for a reliable love in your life, it’s important that you learn about your blind spots through vulnerability. You must recognize that a part of being human implies having blind spots.

Have a happy and stress-free Valentine's Day, here's how

Cultivating awareness of maladaptive patterns tends to create freedom from the bonds of our destructive default modes of communicating. But it takes openness to shift into authentic love. Psychotherapy, meditating, journaling, self-examination, and conversing with loved ones all brace the process of heart-opening and healing.

Practice universal love: Interdependence is one of the primary tenets of mindfulness. When we feel interrelated with the world, our sense of parting tends to melt down and what is left is airiness for love to the surface.

This valentine’s day, love yourself and uphold good care of your mind. The above-mentioned tips will offer you a golden opportunity to dedicate a day to practising self-care, to understand your mental and emotional well-being.

(The writer is a mental and emotional well-being coach and the Founder of Let Us Talk)

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