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The unforgettable formulae for success

Soul is the charioteer of this chariot in the form of physical body, mind is the reins, and the senses are the horses running after sense-objects. The soul enjoys sensual pleasures through the senses and mind. The wise, who exercise restraint over their mind and curb the senses from wandering on the evil path of sense-objects and sincerely wish to adopt the yogic path of truth, self-control and good conduct, alone succeed in achieving their objectives.

Maharshi Dayananda, the founder of Arya Samaj, was once residing in ‘Sahapura’, a place in Bharata. A new mansion was being constructed near the place of his stay. Suddenly, the roof of the building collapsed and a number of workers were trapped under it. The victims of the mishap began shouting for help. A crowd assembled in the area, but nobody had the courage to go near the debris and save the trapped workers. Svamiji too heard the cries. He quickly reached the spot, scrutinized the situation and single-handedly lifted the large concrete slabs, and thereby the trapped workers were saved.

Everybody started cheering Maharshi Dayananda for his stupendous physical strength and courageous work. Svamiji pacified everyone and explained that it was not a display of some power, miracle or supernatural act; anyone who practised samyana (self-control) could master more extraordinary powers and potentialities. Therefore, it is said: Atmanam rathinam viddhi sariram rathameva tu. Buddhim tu sarathim viddhi manah pragrahameva ca. Indriyani hayanahurvisayamstesu gocaran. Atmendriyamnoyuktam bhoketyahurmanisinah. (kathopanisad-3.3-4)

Gaining victory over taste and lust through devotion is the main formula for achieving complete success. Nothing can defeat those persons who are of sound character and honest.

Broad vision, hardwork and firm belief- these three are the combined formula to achieve success.

Svami Vivekananda often said: ‘All energy is within us. We can do everything. We should have firm belief in us.’

Nobody is born great; none is either good or bad right from birth. Even in Vedic culture, the Varnavyavastha (caste-system) is based on the karmas (actions) of a person, instead of birth. Righteous actions make a man great. Persons who discharge svadharma i.e those who fulfill their duties, till the last breath of their lives with perseverance, valour, patience, courage, hard work and excellence, alone can reach the pinnacle of success. Success is the continuity of truth and action. The continuous flow of action is the basis for achieving victory. Hence, we must be devoted to our duties. True happiness and satisfaction is achieved by the performance of duties.

Success is achieved by alertness and attention, health and strength, a regular lifestyle, determination and pledge, taking quick decision at correct time, contemplation, guessing the outcome and effect, tolerance and patience, abiding by the promises, service and benevolence, self-confidence, correcting the mistakes, unabated faith in God, and the sentiments of compassion and forgiveness.

To accomplish any significant work, six things are necessary: samskara (values), passionate desire, availability of sufficient resources, adopting appropriate methods to utilise resources and tremendous amount of perseverance. These qualities are to be cultivated and used.

Being unsuccessful is not a crime, but not making further efforts for success after being unsuccessful is a crime.

The basic formula to be successful in this world is to inculcate high spirits and values in the mind while doing a work. We may not be able to change the place where we live, but we certainly can change ourselves and enjoy happiness in every situation.

Everything in this world breaks when it stumbles, but only success is achieved after repeated stumbling.

A great work is not the result of a particular person’s thoughts for a single day, rather, it is the result of blessings of God and years of self sacrifice, austerity, dedication, devotion, capability, faith and the support, good wishes and co-operation of a large number of people.

One should not sit idle by fearing the adversities and considering the favourable situations as the only means to achieve success. We need to make our living exquisite by gaining knowledge from wherever we encounter. As our life progresses, the adversities of today will begin to appear favourable tomorrow and as soon as favourable times arrive, all our sorrows will fade away.

The best use of hands is not
just for prayer, but also for lifting those who have fallen, awakening the unawakened and showing the correct path to reach the goal of life to those who have already begun their journey.
(Excerpted from the book  Divine Transformation: Building Blocks for Enlightened Life, Ideal Nation & Peaceful World by Acharya Balakrishna)

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