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Chanakya Thoughts: To become successful in life all you need is a guide, might and strong willpower

When we compare, we feel low about ourselves and our self-esteem goes down. In collaboration, we work with the strengths of others and together we become winners.

Who does not want to succeed? Each one is born to be a winner. But unfortunately, society pits us against each other. So, the three mistakes that we are making are comparison, competition and criticism — the three Cs. Instead, we should replace it with collaboration, cooperation and compliment. Let’s work together and bring positive changes in ourselves and others around us. 

When we compare, we feel low about ourselves and our self-esteem goes down. In collaboration, we work with the strengths of others and together we become winners. In competition, there is jealousy, anger and frustration. But in co-operation, we help and support each other, which brings a feeling of satisfaction.

In criticism, one is only looking at the negative aspects of others. But when we compliment someone, we look at the good side of the other person. Appreciation matters for each individual; it lifts everyone’s morale and spirits. Let us all succeed together, should be our formula in life. 

Chanakya as a strategic thinker has also helped us succeed in every assignment we take up.

He said, “Success is threefold — that attainable by the power of counsel is success by counsel, that attainable by the power of might is success by might, that attainable by the power of energy is success by energy.” (6.2.34).

Following are the three tips we can practice in both our personal and professional lives:

1) Success by counsel

Every person needs an adviser. The better the adviser, the more one is guaranteed to succeed. In fact, one should aim to have the best adviser; they can make or break you. Chanakya in one of the chapters of Arthashastra says, “All undertakings or activities should be started only with the help of advisers, or with the guidance of experts of that particular field (subject matter experts).” These experts will help you with your projects or assignments. They will ensure you do not fall or fail and achieve success. 

If you have a choice between a mediocre teacher and the best one, choose the best, even if you have to wait for long to seek his/her guidance. Have patience and you will be rewarded with getting the best on your side.

2) Success by might

Muscle power is strength too. But it might also mean the benefits one derives from one’s position or the chair that one holds. A leader is a mighty person and holds a position of power.

A mighty person can take quick decisions based on his/her authority and execution capacity. Apart from holding a responsible position, another way of becoming mighty is by associating oneself with people who are mightier than oneself. Leaders meet more powerful leaders. Then the strength of the leaders also grows. Together they are mightier than an individual mighty person.

3) Success by energy

This is called willpower. Swami Vivekananda had once said, “Human will is the most powerful force in the world.” A person can achieve success based on the enthusiasm and passion one has. An inspired and energetic person is very contagious. Anyone who meets such a person also feels charged up. Energy is contagious, it can pass on to others. Great leaders have that kind of contagious energy. They can mesmerise masses with their oratory skills. Such energetic people can also make the most lethargic person active and productive. 

Napoleon once said, “It requires a stroke of genius to awaken the mass consciousness. In any given century, only a few can do that.” So true that great leaders are few in every generation. However, our current generation has a lot of opportunities to become leaders in different fields. With information, education and access to a lot of things becoming easy, it is possible to think more like leaders than followers. 

Let us all succeed together!

(The writer is Founder Director of Chanakya Aanvikshiki Pvt Ltd, a best-selling author and an expert on Chanakya’s teachings. He can be followed on his Twitter @rchanakyapillai)

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Published on: Sunday, November 28, 2021, 09:41 AM IST