Art Matters: Unpacking the studio

In continuation of the first edition of Modus Operandi 1, where 25 Chemould artists were brought together to engage in a dialogue with each other through their mediums, this time around Modus Operandi 2 looks at deepening this introduction with the viewer.

Therefore here the viewer gets to interact with artists where otherwise their works might have been unattainable due to high prices, which now the gallery owner says “will be available because of accessible price points.”

Usually an artist's studio is sacrosanct, inaccessible, where the churning, experimenting, trial and error, takes place, a kind of laboratory, a very private place.

Art Matters: Unpacking the studio

Modus Operandi 2 attempts to bridge that divide between the artist's studio and the viewer and bring that studio out into the open gallery space for everyone to see what really goes into a piece of art from start to finish.

Aaditi Singh, Anant Joshi, Atul Dodiya, Anju Dodiya, Archana Hande, Jitish Kallat, Reena Saini Kallat, Lavanya Mani, Mithu Sen, Sheetal Gattani, Madhavi Subramanian, are a few of the 21 artists whose work we are privileged to see.

Art Matters: Unpacking the studio

Shakuntala Kulkarni says, “This is a continuous process over a period of time, me dabbling in various media like, film, quilt weaving and painting...all these intersect, and are revisited even after years.”

There are a few stencil cut-outs strewn across the floor, remnants of Sheetal Gattani's paintings on the wall next to her table gear. These stencils are peeled off from her painting overlays so there is a juxtaposition of form and colour. “I just paint...I don't know what I'm painting, nor do I give it a title, it all just happens on the canvas,” concludes Sheetal.

Art Matters: Unpacking the studio

On the other hand, Varunika Saraf's mixed media collage over a flower printed backdrop, sees textures, cuttings, portraits, letterings, all form an organised clutter.

The artist further explains about this initiative. “Modus Operandi 2 is a departure from usual exhibitions in the sense that it provides the viewers with an opportunity to understand the many layers of processes—of thinking, researching, and making behind an artwork. Usually people encounter works of art in a white cube space. Here by bringing the studio into the gallery space, Chemould Prescott Rd, allows the viewer to explore different artistic processes of making and thinking. For art lovers it is an unmissable chance to get better insights into the many kinds of labour involved and for artists, a way to connect with our audience in a more meaningful way. This exhibition has the possibility of radically shifting perceptions and initiating more critical dialogues between people.”

Art Matters: Unpacking the studio

Atul Dodiya adds, “I’m happy to be part of edition 2 of Modus Operandi. It has a feeling of youthfulness, very fresh and full of energy. The scale of the work is small and that gives a lot of freedom for the artists to allow spontaneity. The show gives us some glimpses of the studio environment, the important objects, thought provoking elements, various forms of inspiration etc. With a suggestion that nothing is trivial and that gives a different dimension to the gallery space. The artist's studio and gallery merge into each other with lightness and that creates a unique metaphysical space which is rare. And that's a bonus,” Dodiya concludes.

The studios of 21 artists encapsulated into one gallery. Creative chaos... you experience it all here...drawing boards, working drawings, worktables, paints, brushes, sculpture, and the final canvas!

Not to be missed!

Chemould Prescott Rd.

July 19 - August 17, 2019

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