Women lie more while ‘sexting’

New York: Do you exchange sexually explicit message with the opposite sex to either to get into the mood or fulfill your partner’s fantasies? You may be faking orgasm “non-physically”.

According to an interesting research, lying while sexting was found more common among women – at 45 percent – compared with 24 percent among men.

“Most people lie while ‘sexting’ because they want to please their partner,” said Michelle Drouin, an associate professor at Indiana University.

The participants listed several reasons for lying, including wanting to make a partner happy or fulfill a partner’s fantasy.

Some said they lied to avoid upsetting their partners.

During the study, researchers examined the prevalence of “sexting” among 155 college students – 62 men and 93 women.

They found that some of them who reported having lied while “sexting” did so to “get in the mood”.

Other said they wanted to see how their partners would react to their “fake” texts.

But some people lied because they were bored or there were other people around while they were “sexting”, the study noted.

“In relation to other types of sexual deception, the overall incidence of lying during ‘sexting’ is slightly lower than pretending orgasm in a face-to-face context,” Drouin wrote.

Lying while “sexting” can harm relationships, researchers warned.

The findings appeared in the journal Computers in Human Behavior.

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