The Secret of Jyotish Gem to Someone Exactly Like You: 5 books that are just out

The Secret of Jyotish Gem to Someone Exactly Like You: 5 books that are just out

FPJ BureauUpdated: Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 01:04 AM IST

Book: The Secret of Jyotish Gem
Author: Guruji Shrii Arnav
Publisher: HAR-ANAND Publications Pvt Ltd

This book is a comprehensive treatise that will let you explore the fascinating world of Indian Gem Therapy and will help you identify your lucky gemstone. This book is also primarily aimed for those who want to know what their accurate auspicious gemstones are.

Book: Dream Beyond Shadows
Author: Kartikeya Ladha
Publisher: White Falcon Publishing


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The book is a part autobiographical, part travelogue, part philosophical musing and part poetry, wrapped up in language both sensitive to the writer’s predicament and lyrically appreciative of the natural world, the book addresses the ethos of the world’s current dominant civilisations.

Book: This Could Have Become Ramayan Chamar’s Tale
Author: Subimal Misra
Publisher: HarperCollins India

This novella is about a tea-estate worker-turned Naxalite named Ramayan Chamar, who gets arrested during a worker’s strike and is beaten up and killed in custody. But every time the author attempts to write that story, reality intrudes in various forms to create a picture of a nation and society that is broken.

Book: Someone Exactly Like You
Author: Esha Pandey
Publisher: Rupa

A young girl is being chased by a couple when a swashbuckling stranger comes to her rescue. She faints and on waking up, realises she is in the company of the ‘bad boy’ of Bollywood — Veer Singh Tomar. Natasha falls for Veer who is dealing with a messy divorce.

Book: Didda: The Warrior Queen of Kashmir
Author: Ashish Kaul
Publisher: Rupa

A girl abandoned by her parents. A disabled princess who fights all odds to become the most feared warrior queen. A woman almost forced into Sati by her trusted prime Minister. A mother whose son brands her as a witch. This is the story of Rani Didda, the forgotten Hindu queen of undivided Kashmir.