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New Delhi: Sexual harassment is a menacing act prevailing in India for a long time, in spite of various laws and thousands actions taken into concern. Workplace, in some cases, are of no difference. Hence, Kanishk Agarwal, founder of law firm CriTaxCorp have pointed out some useful tips for organisations and the senior management personnel, in order to curb manifestation of sexual harassment at workplace.

Here are 10 useful pointers for the employers and the senior management to imbibe in the organisation to take prompt and strong actions against sexual harassment taking place in their workplace.

  • Firstly, Employers should constitute an internal complaints committee (ICC) which entertains the complaints made by any aggrieved women and the names of ICC members should be kept confidential to avoid abuse of power or reluctance amongst employee to complaint reported ANI.
  • Secondly, actions on the recommendations made by ICC members should be taken by the employer seriously, whether the same relates to adopting measures to redress SH at workplace or in regard to a complaint finding.
  • Thirdly, managers/supervisors shall take prompt action for any repeated sexual innuendo, obscene jokes and lewd remarks or whistling which is happening under their watch.
  • Fourthly, ICC should never be biased towards any complaint received by them. If a complaint is received, then it should be addressed as per the book procedure and none of the ICC members should be biased when enquiring into the complaint.
  • Fifthly, take prompt actions once you get to know what happened to the victim. Strategize a strong course of actions or steps to be taken once it comes to your notice. One should not sit on information if tormenting matters to be taken into consideration.
  • Sixthly, HR persons to be included in the core committee to discuss the necessary way forward and the HR personnel should be in employees reach for open or closed discussion sessions. HR should also be highly sensitised about intricacies of SH because they are the first point of contact for any employee to confront about any SH incident
  • Seventhly, one should never go for suggestive comments, try avoiding the sexual mockery of the incident
  • Eighthly, managers/supervisors should engage in an informal chat with the female of the organisation to understand if they are facing any such issues in the team.
  • Ninthly, if an employee voices a complaint of sexual harassment, never react to that issue negatively by retorting at the person. According to the law it is illegal to retaliate against employees who file legal complaints.

Finally, have a soothing environment of working, counselling sessions can be provided. The victim must not feel alienated in case she faces such an atrocious incident of SH. Adoption of a clear and effective policy that is devoted to sexual harassment and will comprise of things like – a clear and concise definition of sexual harassment, zero tolerance nature in case of any such terrible incident takes place, a proper investigation to be initiated for any complaints gets lodged and more. (ANI)

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