3D firecrackers draw attention ahead of Diwali

Chennai: The locals thronged markets in Chennai to buy 3D firecrackers ahead of the Diwali festival.

A mass firecrackers sale has been organized in Chennai by Tamil Nadu Traders Association. There are about 120 shops selling variety of firecrackers.

Joint Secretary of Tamil Nadu Traders Association, Abdul Rehman, said 3D firecrackers were new for children.

“This time, there are new varieties of firecrackers. For kids in the age group of 3 to 10, 3D firecrackers have come. The 3D glasses will be similar to the ones that are worn while watching a 3D movie. When kids will wear 3D glasses and watch firecrackers burn, they will be able to see multi-colours,” he said.

Rehman further said the rates of firecrackers have increased by seven to ten percent since last Diwali.

Meanwhile, the government banned Chinese firecrackers and instructed traders not to sell them to help domestic industries during Diwali.

Rehman said their association had decided to take action against any shop that was selling Chinese firecrackers in Chennai.

“The government has given instructions not to use Chinese firecrackers. Our association has announced that if a shop in Chennai sells Chinese firecrackers, action will be taken against them,” he said.

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