Watch: Massive monitor lizard rampages through Thai supermarket; shoppers panic as it climbs onto a shelf

We live in a strange time, where people stay homebound for fear of a virus and giant monitor lizards roam grocery store aisles. The massive reptile was spotted trying to climb a grocery store shelf in Thailand recently, triggering panic and sending videos of the same skyrocketing to fame.

A now viral clip shows the lizard climbing the shelf, knocking many of the products off in its quest to reach the top shelf. Screams of horror can of course be heard in the background. The video ends with the massive creature situating itself sideways, taking up the entire top shelf. It does not look very comfortable, with a slew or cartons and packaged items underneath, but the monitor lizard does not seem to mind. Nervous laughter can be heard in the background as the short clip ends.

According to a Daily Mail report, the incident took place at a 7-Eleven store in Thailand's Nakhon Pathom on Tuesday. Staff and customers reportedly hid behind the shelves and furniture as the creature rampaged, with many online drawing a parallel with Godzilla later.

And while these massive lizards are usually not a threat to human beings, people appeared to be suitably terrified. Going by some of the videos however, at least some of the spectators were more concerned about the damage the shelves were taking.

Within hours, as the videos went viral, "Komodo dragon" began trending on Twitter, with many social media users sharing the clips and weighing in on the incident. We feel compelled to mention here that while it does belong to the same grouping of monitor lizards, this is not a Komodo Dragon. That however was no deterrent for Twitterati.

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