Courtesy: Pixabay
Courtesy: Pixabay

We have seen Journalists doing anything and everything that they can to get some concrete news for us. From jumping on donkeys to going live on a Tauba Tauba rant on television.

And here is another video of a Journalist from Pakistan which was shared by Naila Inayat who is also a journalist from Pakistan. In the video she shared, the journalist has gotten inside a river during floods. The journalist is standing between the flooded area talking about the potential flood situation.

Have a look at the video here , @nailainayat captioned the video saying, “Producer: Bring me a news story that no other channel has.
Reporter:” This was followed by a reply from her which said, “Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting.” In the video, the reporter can be seen fearlessly talking about the flood situation in that area.

According to his report, the condition is so bad that the farmers in that area might get affected and he still chooses to get in that water and complete his report. Twitter too was speechless after watching the video. A twiteratti said, “Reporter check karte hue paani sach mei geela hai ya nahi,” while another twiteratti said, “he has immersed himself into journalism.”

Some also praised him for his hard work and said, “He deserves an award for adventure reporting. New level of journalism.”

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