UP Police photoshops mask on cop, arrested criminal; invites meme army's wrath

The Uttar Pradesh police found themselves in quite the conundrum after a policeman posed with an arrested individual without a mask in sight. Such pictures after arrest have become a common sight, frequently being shared by police social media handles to convey their efforts to keep the area safe. However, the lack of a mask appears to have become an issue.

And for the Gorakhpur Police Twitter account, the rather ingenuous solution was to photoshop masks onto the faces of both the policeman and the criminal standing next to him. It was not a very subtle effort - if one zoomed in, the edit was clearly visible.

UP Police photoshops mask on cop, arrested criminal; invites meme army's wrath

Incidentally, this is not the first time that the UP Police has resorted to editing photos. In a post from May 2020, the Bareilly Police, for reasons best known to themselves, had used a blue pen tool to cover people's mouths, presumably in a manner emulating masks. Some of these individuals incidentally have their actual masks peeking out from behind the layer of blue paint.

Needless to say, netizens noticed the gaffe, with many cracking jokes at the UP Police's expense. While the post has since been deleted from their official handle in remains immortalised in screengrabs that have since been shared hundreds of times.

And while some are cracking jokes about this particular post, others have gone several steps further, scrutinising other, more recent, posts by the police handle that show officials wearing masks. A quick perusal of the comments left on the Gorakhpur Police Twitter account reveals that many are still speculating whether the cops had edited other photos too. Beyond the bizarre nature of the incident however, many on Twitter seem to be rather offended by the lack of editing skills shown by the one who touched up the photo.

Interestingly, there are also 'before' and 'after' posts that show the official and the arrested individual without their edited masks. It is unclear where this particular image came from or whether it has been recreated.

Take a look at some of the posts:

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