North Korea's Kim Jong-un
North Korea's Kim Jong-un

Earlier this month, Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un created quite the stir having lost a significant amount of weight. With no official information given about his visibly slimmer physique, many have speculated about his health and put forth a wild array of theories. But while the world may celebrate weight losses, North Koreans are reportedly "heartbroken" by their leader's new look.

"Seeing respected general secretary [Kim Jong Un] looking emaciated breaks our people's heart so much. Everyone is saying that their tears welled up," reports quoted a resident of Pyongyang as saying. The rare public comment was aired as part of an interview by state broadcaster KRT last week.

Over the last few years, people across the world have become rather fascinated by the health of the North Korean leader. Repeated claims about his death have surfaced, and every absence from public sight has triggered fresh speculation. Prior to the now viral transformation videos and photos, he had not been seen in public for almost a month.

Twitter however remains rather unsympathetic to his plight. While some argued that the leader certainly did not "look emaciated", others were bewildered by the idea of weight loss being a tragedy. "Are they worried that his health is deteriorating or that he might live longer?" asked one Twitter user.

"Only in North Korea is weight loss treated with fear and skepticism," remarked another.

"I understand their worries. If the Great Leader does not have enough food, how will the rest of them survive?" jibed a third referencing North Korea's severe food shortages.

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