Pineapple and orange flavoured cow urine? Netizens horrified as photos of bizarre product go viral

Over the years, much has been said about the benefits of cow urine and other related products. It's benefits have been extolled by thousands - from MLAs to actors, with some even claiming that it can ward off COVID-19. But would you consider having it as a flavoured drink?

Now, it does not matter where you fall in the debate about the effectiveness of drinking cow urine. Both critics and fans would probably agree that it is considered to be a medicinal concoction, as opposed to a recreational drink that one turns to for it's taste. And so, as a Twitter user shared images of "flavoured" cow urine, netizens were suitably horrified.

The image showed three packages, each a different flavour of cow urine. The 250 ml boxes appear to come in orange and pineapple flavours, with a 'pure' option thrown in for the less experimental among us. The comments section did not give any indication as to how they might taste.

It is unclear when or where this picture was taken, and we feel compelled to note here that we could not independently verify the existence of these flavourful liquids online. The pure edition, by the way, seems to be available even on Amazon, with several brands to choose from.

Needless to say, the products have left netizens shocked. and while some made jibes about it being turned into a mocktail or used with alcohol, others expressed their displeasure via memes and GIFs. This however is not the first time that flavoured cow urine has hit the market. A 2018 post by journalist Sayantan Bera for example talks about urine flavoured with tulsi and elaichi being sold outside Delhi's Krishi Bhavan for Rs 350 per bottle.

Earlier this year, the Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog had raised quite a few eyebrows after announcing their plan to hold a pan-India gau vigyan (cow science) examination. The decision was met with widespread criticism, even as more than five lakh individuals signed up to take the online test. While this did not eventually pan out as planned, this was not the first time that cows had become a pivotal part of the socio-political discourse.

Most recently, a group of men in Gujarat went viral after undertaking the 'cow dung therapy' at a cow shelter. Visuals show them smearing dung all over their bodies, certain that this would increase their immunity against COVID-19. In another recent incident, BJP MLA Surendra Singh claimed that drinking cow urine has protected him from coronavirus. Urging people to drink it "with a glass of cold water", he then proceeded to demonstrate on camera.

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