Picture for representation
Picture for representation

Well, backbenchers in school know it quite well how to make the lives of their teachers hell. While teachers may have thought that they can get rid of the backbenchers for sometime, schools started holding Zoom classes. Little did they know that backbenchers had something really fun for the entire class this time.

While it is comparatively easy to take action against these mischievious backbenchers in school, Zoom or online classes make it difficult to do that. And there are higher chances of the teacher being bullied. Well, the lockdown has surely gotten the creativity out in these students as they go on to pull pranks of their professors, fellow classmates, etc. And while it may be funny for other students, it makes the teachers pull their hair out.

We are sure there are many funny incidents that might have happened during Zoom classes conducted during these lockdown days but we have a really funny one for you.

This school in Bengaluru decided to conduct online classes and guess what? These students, mostly backbenchers, logged in to the classrooms with their ids named as Mia Khalifa, Osama bin Laden, Lallu ki tapri and Rathi Ma'am best teacher. A video of the teacher asking these students to change their names to real ones surfaced online and the internet went berserk over it.

A lecturer said that students log in with names like 'Im corona' and 'cute girl' and it makes it difficult to identify who has joined the class and who has not.

Some even go on to mute their teachers, turn off their video and also go off to sleep.

While people thought that conducting online classes on Zoom would not interrupt a child's education amid these trying times, they forgot that these students are more tech savvy than most of their lecturers and could possibly make their lives hell.

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