Heroic rescue: Delivery man in Vietnam catches toddler who fell from 12th storey balcony

A major accident was subverted recently in Vietnam after a toddler who fell out of her 12th storey home was caught by a brave onlooker. Video footage of the accident shows the two year old dangling from the edge of the balcony before she fell.

Her rescuer, a delivery man out on duty, was quick to act, racing out of his vehicle and scaling a six foot wall to reach a metal roof where he was likely to land. Nguyen Ngoc Manh made it to the roof on time, but as the footage shows, he appears to stumble even as the girl falls. Miraculously, he still managed to grab hold of her and break what might have been a fatal accident.

Footage of the rescue has since gone viral, with many commending Manh's actions.

According to an account of the incident given by Manh to the Vietnamese publication Anninhthudo, he had been in his car, waiting to deliver some goods in another building when he heard the sound of a child crying, and adults calling for help. It was as he looked around for the source of the sound that Manh noticed the toddler climbing out onto the railing.

Reminded of his own daughter, he thought quickly and mounted the roof to attempt to catch the child. When he lost his balance on the crooked roof, Manh flung himself forward and as he puts it, somehow managed to have the baby land on his lap. Such was the impact that it left a dent on the roof.

But even as he felt relieved, Manh says that he noticed blood coming out of the baby's mouth. The baby has now been hospitalised, having suffered a dislocated hip. Manh has suffered a slight sprain in his arm.

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