It is not common to see a young girl riding a horse to school. But if such things happen it’s natural for netizens to talk about it. A video of a girl is going viral on social media where she can be seen riding to her school in Kerala’s Thrissur district. According to reports, the girl on the horse is from class X and she was trying to reach her exam centre.

The video of the girl riding the horse was first shared on Twitter by a user called @manoj_naandi. His tweet currently has over 7,800 likes and over 2,500 retweets. In the video, the girl can be seen in full-school uniform with her schoolbag on her back. The horse gallops fast on the empty road and maintains a steady speed for a motorcycle rider to document the entire episode.

As expected, the video grabbed a lot of eyeballs and also impressed Anand Mahindra, the chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra LTD.

Mahindra praised the girl and said the video deserved to go viral in his first tweet.

In another tweet, he called the girl her hero and said he wanted a picture of the horse and the student as his screensaver.

“Does anyone in T

hrissur know this girl? I want a picture of her and her horse as my screen saver. She’s my hero..The sight of her charging to school filled me with optimism for the future,” Anand Mahindra wrote on Twitter.

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