Photo Credit: Pixabay
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Ujjain: Medical fraternity of the city on one side admits that the country has done well in medical sector and health services have reached to doorsteps of the common people, yet the required parameters are far from satisfactory levels. On the eve of deciding day, the FREE PRESS team talked to medical and ayurvedic practitioners. Excerpts In spite of rapid development achieved in others field, the performance when judged on health care parameters remains poor. Our government should understand that growth, wealth and development are the fruits of the democracy not substitutes. If a leader can ensure these basic things then there will be nothing to push our country down.”


Undoubtedly, women’s health has been taken care by the government in a better way in past few years. Government should continuously introduce some programmes for women so that they can avail them at low cost.”

DR RASHMI SHARMA, ophthalmologist

Equality is the keystone of democracy. And it is one of the greatest challenges faced by India. Terrorism should be controlled so that every citizen should live their life without any fear. The conflict of Jammu and Kashmir should be resolved soon so they can have peace in their state.”


Our country has witnessed rapid development in previous years. Medical sector is considered most important sector of any economy. Every father dreams for his child to become a doctor in future. Sadly it’s very hard to get admission in government medical college for general category which invokes the need to remove reservation system. Then a child applies in private college which forces his parents to sell their properties to pay the donation of the college. This ordeal needs to be alleviated soon.”


Education sector needs more attention. Government did not bother much for the middle income group of the nation. They should decrease the rate of tax levied on them so that their children can get access to better education at low prices. Again the education industry of India is charging high fees from people which should be taken care of by the government. Unemployment is also the major drawback of our country.”

DR OM PRAKASH VYAS, Ayurvedic specialist

Sustained and equitable economic growth and high levels of employment are absolutely necessary for orderly functioning of any modern economy. Vital pillars of our democracy need to be constantly secured and strengthened so that our democracy continues to grow.”

DR SUNITA D RAM, therapist

Governments are doing best for the medical sector which has improved in past few years. Poverty is considered to be the main problem of our country and it should be addressed from the root level. The need to spread self-awareness among the citizens is need of the hour as it ultimately affect their status and health. A healthy nation is the most developed nation in the world.”

DR PARAG SHARMA, eye specialist

The country should vote for the party who is honest enough to sustain the economy and introduce many measures that would promote growth or development of our country. Medical sector is more about values and humanity. Doctor saves a person’s life so government should think about the measures that improve their conditions.”

DR SANJAY JOSHI, dental surgeon

There are millions of people who had completed MBBS in previous years but only few of them got proper placement. Many of them opened their clinics because of their financial capability but what about the poor doctors. Government does not seem to be bothered about unemployment. This will definitely affect the growth of the country in coming years.”

DR PREETI CHAUDHARY, assistant therapist

Better dialogues will improve the quality of public policies. We must step out for a moment from debates about the specific issues and consider why it has become difficult to even listen to other’s point of views and what we must do to repair the platforms for deliberation. The progress of our country depends on this and will surely strengthen the democracy.”


Ayurvedic practitioner