Flipping Over Tech Hacks With The New McFlip

Fumbling with the wrong side of a cable has always been a weak suit of the masses. Here to make the life of all Android and smartphone users easy is the McFlip reversible Micro USB. When Apple changed its dock connectors with the reversible lightning cable, it met with quite a bit of negative doubt from its users. But for all those who have used/or use their new cable, it is absolutely evident that they’re reversible replacement was nothing but a boon.

It’s safe to say that every time we plugin a USB cable or an android charger we almost ALWAYS put it in the wrong way. Although probability states it to be a 50% chance we might get it right, probability is never in our favor. That’s where McFlip comes in to make our first world lives a tad bit easier. MicFlip is the world’s first reversible micro-USB cable.

It gives all android and other smartphone users the security of a “WIN” no matter when or how they plug in their device.

The cable is very sturdy, with a nylon braid and assures us to be corrosion resistant. The treat for the eyes are the gold-coated plugs that stand at 1m (3 feet) long. To make things crystal BOTH ends are reversible, not just the MicroUSB plug but also the USB A plug! What this means is that no matter what end of the cable you are to insert, you can be sure it will never be the wrong way round. So say goodbye to frustrating in-the-dark experiences where you are fumbling to connect your phone or tablet to your wall charger, computer, etc.

The MicFlip reversible MicroUSB cable is developed by WinnerGear. WinnerGear had started the MicFlip campaign on Indiegogo with a goal $6,000 (for good reason too) which it successfully accomplished within a day.

“As the first product of its kind the MicFlip USB cable offers mobile users a whole new level of functionality,” say WinnerGear, the company behind the cable, on its Indiegogo campaign. “Thanks to the intelligent design, smartphone owners can now connect their next-generation devices in any direction. Rather than risk damaging components by accidently forcing standard Type-A USB and MicroUSB plugs in the wrong direction, the MicFlip can be seamlessly inserted at any angle.”

The McFlip reversible Micro USB will be available to masses sometime next month. Having reached their goal you can bet on pre-ordering as nothing says “profit” like tech life hacks. When first available, it will be priced at $20, however the pre order early bird chargers will be acquired at a discounted rate of $15.

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