Learn about International Travel Insurance before you fly out of India

One of the most neglected parts of travelling overseas is the process of having overseas travel insurance in place. It tends to be just another document that gets lost among the pile of papers that a travel agent sends over at the time of booking a holiday or business package. People tend to only pay a little bit of heed to this when they plan a long term travel overseas but it is most often neglected for shorter duration travel plans.

What is important to understand is that travel insurance can be a complex product to understand as it covers almost more than fifteen different financial risks that might occur, although each risk comes with its own terms and conditions. The benefits, plans and products offered tend to vary from one Travel Company to another. It is not practical to compare every single benefit offered by the insurance plan of each company but it is imperative to keep note of some important risk points that must be a part of your final choice of travel insurance so that it is easy to make a claim, if required.

Coverage against trip cancellation/interruption – this insurance covers claims related to unforeseen events that might cause you to interrupt or cancel your trip. This usually happens in cases of illness, death or injury suffered by the person insured under the plan or an immediate family member. There are other various reasons also that fall under this category and it is important to make note of minute details of the coverage plan.

Medical Insurance – this insurance encompasses various kinds of coverage and tends to be geographically specific. It covers cost of doctor visits, hospitalization charges, diagnostic tests and medicine. This specific insurance is highly recommended for travellers planning to go on a cruise, developing countries and remote areas.

Coverage for baggage loss or delay – this protects the passenger in the event when luggage is lost, stolen or delayed. This often offers cash payment when luggage is delayed for more than a period of twelve hours after arriving at the destination.

Coverage for cancelled or delayed flight – the claim covered in this includes cost related to airplane tickets, accommodation and tour packages if the original flight is delayed for more than a certain number of hours. The time varies from policy to policy.

Protection against travel documents – in case of stolen or lost passports or other documents related to travel, the replacement becomes easier.

Third Party Liability Vehicles Insurance – this is typically for when during long international trips an automobile is hired to reduce the cost of transportation. In case of the rented car being stolen or damaged, this insurance covers the cost.

People who are frequent travellers understand how challenging and taxing it can get to resolve and overcome difficulties in an unfamiliar country or continent. There are problems ranging from language barriers to the governing laws and regulations of that particular plan. A travel insurance plan ensures that there is a round the clock help line number at disposal which one can call and speak to the agent to get the issue resolved.

International travel insurance is not just limited to trips that are for recreational or business purposes but also offer a specific student travel insurance planswhich is for students travelling to another country for educational purposes. Along with the common features of international travel insurance, it has some student and education specific features as well.

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