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Updated on: Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 06:22 PM IST

WhatsApp hidden features: Tricks you must know


WhatsApp, with over 1.5 billion users, is the most popular messaging app all over the world. To make the communication better, Facebook-owned app frequently updates its features and cater the dmands of the users.

WhatsApp has also come up with some lesser known hidden features that could be helpful for the users.

Here's a set of hidden features you ought to know;

Typewriter font:

We already know about the bold, italics and strike-through fonts on WhatsApp. But did you know there was typewriter font too? No, right? Now that you know about the font, here is how you can use it. ```Hello, how are you?```

However, the symbol is different from ' and it is available on Androd and iOS keyboards.

Pin important chats:

Some chats are important right and you want them to be on the top? Well, you can do that too. All you need to do is pin the chats which you want on the top and even if you have new messages, you won't lose your important chats. To do this, you need to long-press on the chat message and hit the press icon for Android users. iOS users can simply swipe right on the chat and select the pin option. Only three chats are allowed to be pinned.

Find theperson you text the most:

Did you know that you can find out who you talk to frequently or the most? Go to settings and tap on Data and storage >Storage usage and you will find the list.

Stop media from automatically getting saved in your gallery:

Fed up of your friends constantaly sending pictures and your phone storage always being low? We can fix that. All you have to do is that open the chat and click on the info of the persons account. Click Media visibility and choose if you want to download the media or not.

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Published on: Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 06:23 PM IST