In warehousing operations, it is not just enough to simply install any storage system to store and retrieve goods within its walls and hope to get done with it.

There are several factors that come into play in warehouse racking and shelving systems, especially if the warehouse in question is in the business of handling materials of varying SKUs, sizes and different movement cycles.

What such a business needs is an optimal storage solution, one that takes into account not just maximizing storage space but also considers factors such as safety and security, visibility, ease of access, accuracy, convenient product storage and retrieval, seamless human and machine movement, and finally, cost-optimization of warehousing operations.

Smaller warehouses still have the luxury of trying on ad-hoc systems that might actually even work. However, for medium to large-sized warehouses, that have varying business needs and operations, it becomes critical to put in place a smart storage system that adapts as per changing demands and market dynamics.

This is much easier said than done. With the wide range of warehouse storage racking systems available, selecting the right one is understandably cumbersome. Here we will talk about the two types of industrial shelving solutions that can adapt to your exact requirements and offer you the right blend of storage capacity, ease of operations and flexibility, while also increasing workplace productivity in your warehouse.

Let’s first look at Heavy Duty Shelving.

This warehouse storage system is an adaptable one which can be quickly adjusted as per changing business needs. Businesses that deal in various materials will find this shelving convenient as they can store items of varying sizes and get easy access to every stored item. This flexibility is possible because of the nearly endless combinations that can be made using the upright and beam profiles that constitute the storage system.

What are the advantages of heavy duty shelving?

Maximum space utilization: The flexibility and versatility of the shelving system that allows storage of different types of items also makes maximum utilization of the height of the warehouse, including offering increased cubical space utilization. The shelves can be easily configured in changing combinations to take care of all possible warehousing needs, current and future. As the name implies, heavy duty shelving racks are sturdy, low maintenance, and ultra-safe.

Customizable Shelving: Another feature in favor of heavy duty shelving is that it can be easily assimilated into an existing storage solution. So the concerns or reluctance to go in for a complete upheaval of an existing storage system are eliminated when deploying this shelving system. The suppliers offer an extensive range of accessories that enable warehouse managers to customize the shelving units right down to the smallest item’s needs.

Several business warehouses use hybrid racking systems where heavy duty shelving combined with pallet racking to get the most out of the warehouse racking space. Lower shelves use the ‘person-to-product’ storage and retrieval system, while the higher level pallets can be easily accessed using equipment such as forklift trucks or stacker cranes.

Best suited for

Like we’d mentioned above, heavy duty shelving is perfect for warehouses that have varying needs. You can consider implementing this storage system if you:

-Store various products with split turnover

-Have a mixed storage system for palletized and non-palletized goods

Heavy duty shelving at a glance

-Offers maximum space utilization

-Sturdy, customizable and scalable solutions

-Can handle the most demanding loads

-Easy to dismantle, relocate or store

-A range of accessories suited to all needs

-Ideal storage system for varying items with separate turnover

-A range of shelves to choose from: plain steel, wire mesh, perforated steel and wooden decking.

You can even consider Multi-tier Shelving.

Warehouses that deal with large numbers of small items with a medium turnover and manual operations will find the multi-tier shelving system ideal for their needs. Essentially, multi-tier is nothing but the construction of shelves using the same components as that of heavy duty storage racks. As the name suggests, here the system will have two or more levels, depending on the height and operational requirements of the warehouse.

What are the advantages of multi-tier shelving?

Better space utilization: The uniqueness of multi-tier shelving is that it provides storage space at multiple levels. This allows the warehouse manager to plan and make maximum utilization of the vertical space available in their storage facility. What this therefore does is increase the capacity of the warehouse, enabling the business to store more inventory than before.

Ease of storage and retrieval: Access to each level of the multi-tier storage is provided by staircases, main aisles and cross aisles. This makes storage and retrieval of all stored units easy and convenient.

Versatile: Additionally, since it utilizes the same components as heavy duty shelving, it can adapt to items of different loads, making it customizable to your specific storage requirements.

Best suited for

Multi-tier is the ideal storage system for those warehouses with varying requirements. You can consider this storage system if:

-You store light to medium loads

-For manufacturing operations and spare parts storage

-Is archival storage of documentation boxes

-Storage and retrieval is manual

Multi-tier shelving at a glance

-Efficient storage for large volumes of small parts

-Versatile and robust storage system

-Offers ideal vertical space utilization

-Dense storage with a manual system

-Direct access to each level and item

-Configuration adaptable to changing storage needs

-A range of decking options: steel shelves, mesh decks, perforated panels and MDF decking


‘Time is money’, nowhere is this adage more true than in a warehouse. And one of the best ways to drive better logistics is to facilitate quick, easy and safe product storage and retrieval. SILVER LINING offers a wide range of strategic storage solutions to meet the exact requirements of your warehouse.

Its heavy duty and multi-tier shelving systems provide greater levels of efficiency and ensure the complete safety of your employees and products. Businesses across industries have placed their trust in SILVER LINING shelving systems, making the company a preferred storage system partner.

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