CAA Protests: Internet cut? Here's how you can try tweet via SMS

Universities have turned into battlefields after police entered the campus and used force against people protesting against the CAA which has led to violence and arson.

The police action triggered a wave of protests throughout the country on Monday with demonstrations on campuses of several educational institutes, including in Hyderabad, Lucknow, Mumbai and Kolkata.

The morning after violence broke out in the national capital, thousands of students across India took to streets demanding a probe into the use of teargas inside the Jamia library as well as police entering the campus without permission from the university authorities.

The waves of protests could be felt on social media too. Stories talking about the protest could be seen trending on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

We saw regular updates being shared throughout the day and the internet becomes a medium of conveying critical communication in adverse circumstances.

At times to control any such communication or curb fake news or rumours from spreading, government agencies block mobile internet connectivity in areas considered to be sensitive.

This in turn can instantly cease the flow of communication. However, Twitter, which is the most effective tool to reach out to masses, can still be operated without internet connectivity.

This option which is officially available from Twitter only needs you to send across an SMS to +91-9248948837, which is basically +91 924TWITTER on the number pad of your phone, and your tweet will be shared on your account, almost instantly.

Your phone number needs to be linked with your twitter account and in case you have multiple accounts linked with your phone number, the tweets will show up on the most recently connected account.

In case your phone number is not registered and associated with your twitter account or is not updated, you can link it by visiting settings and privacy, account and then phone, while you’re logged in to your account.

Remember “Tweet via SMS” lets you text tweet and you cannot include any media, in case you have a URL of the relevant media, then you can include it in the tweet. This tool can also come very handy during floods, earthquake and other natural calamities.

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