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CSI appeals former cricketers to clean up cricket


New Delhi: Clean Sports India, a movement for a corruption-free sport in the country, today asked former cricketers to come forward and raise their voices to “save Indian cricket” in the wake of the ongoing IPL fixing scandal.

“CSI views this IPL match fixing scandal as an historic opportunity for cricketers, like CWG scam was an opportunity to start clean up Olympic sports.

CSI fully utilised CWG scam to bring several Olympians on to the streets to mobilise favourable public opinion,” said CSI in a statement.


The apex court today suggested BCCI several proposals including stepping down of N Srinivasan as president and suspension of two IPL franchises.

“CSI thinks in the ensuing crises the Supreme Court may be able keep Srinivasan out of BCCI for a while. But if there is no pressure from cricketers and public, same old guys will start the same old game after some time,” the CSI said.

CSI convener B V P Rao said a mere removal of Srinivasan would not be enough to reform cricket administration and the former players should be prepared for a long battle.


“If Srinivasn is kept out for some time from BCCI, some people like Lalit Modi may take advantage of the crises … Modi has same conflict of interest with Rajasthan Royals like Srinivasan with CSK,” Rao said.

“So call of the hour is for former cricketers to start a movement to clean up cricket by keeping all these corrupt administrators and heavy weight politicians out of cricket.”

Rao appreciated former players Bishan Bedi and Kirti Azad for coming out in the open for BCCI president N Srinivasan’s removal to initiate a clean up act but asked others to voice their opinions as well.


“CSI is well aware of the fact that the cricketers have a lot to lose going against BCCI, unlike Olympians going against IOA. Former cricketers should for once forget their personal loss, if any, and come forward in the interest of their game and the nation. In the long run they will benefit and cricket will thrive. Otherwise all will lose,” it said.

It has also reserved a web domain,, for cricketers to garner support from other areas.

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