Guiding Light: The Seven Chakras

--Sohan Singh

The word chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel" or "Circle". It represents the energy wheel present in our body and it is in charge of the energy levels in the area of our physical body where it is located.

The seven commonly known chakras are:

Sahasrara: The crown chakra

The Crown Chakra is located just above the crown of the head. It is said to be the doorway into pure consciousness. It connects you to the etheric realm.

Ajna: The third eye chakra

Ajna the command centre is located between the eyebrows. Represented by a transparent lotus with two white petals. And it is said to be the seat of the mind of conscious and unconscious awareness. It also helps you to see into the future by opening the spiritual eyes.

VishuddhaI: The throat chakra

Vishuddha meaning to purify is located near the base of the throat. It is often depicted as a blue downward-facing triangle inside a lotus with 16 purple petals. Its energetic function is to help us find authentic self-expression. It also gives you confidence, truth and clairvoyance or communication skills.

Anahata: The heart chakra

Anahata meaning unstruck is located at the heart centre. it's said to be the home of the higher/infinite, "unstruck" or indestructible self. Anahata is associated with the air element, and with emotional qualities such as peace, love, and openness. The Heart chakras help you attract and spread the love around you. It is the chakra of success too.

Muladhara: The root chakra

Muladhara meaning root support is located at the base of the spine. It is often depicted as a red four-petaled lotus, and it's connected to the earth element. Muladhara governs what are considered the four primal urges: food, sleep, sex, and self-preservation.

Svadhisthana: The sacral chakra

Svadhisthana meaning her abode is located at the pelvis. It is associated with the water element—fluidity, adaptability, creativity, emotions, sexual energy, and the unconscious. The chakra's energetic function is to help us regulate our emotions and desires, so as not to be driven by them.

Manipura: The navel chakra

Manipura meaning city of the jewel is located at the navel centre. It is associated with the fire element. Having a strong inner fire (Agni) can help us digest not only our food but also our life experiences.

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