Guiding Light: The noise of non-violence
Photo: Pixabay

Often violence comes with noise. Non-violence happens in silence. People who are violent make huge noise; they make it known. People who are non-violent are quiet. But the time has come for people who are non-violent to make noise so that the violence will quiet down. The message of non-violence has to come loud and clear so that it can be heard from a young age.

A sense of shame has to be connected with anger and violence. The reason for violence in young people is a sense of pride in anger and violence, not a sense of shame. People feel proud that they are violent or angry. They think it is prestigious or a status symbol to be aggressive. Aggression is not thought to be a quality to be ashamed of. This promotes aggression and violence in the whole society, and when aggression and violence are promoted, human values diminish. Some movies and modern music glorify frustration, anger and revenge and make these a role model for children.

We need to bring back the pride in being non-violent. If we could instil that pride in children, their whole life will take a new direction. Today, we have brushed aside all spiritual things. We have been educating people in a system that does not inculcate human values and spirituality.

We need to promote human values especially love compassion and belongingness loud and clear. Often people think compassion is an act, an action. Know that compassion is your very nature. Then you will see that karma and compassion are not contradictory but complement each other.

We need to bring back the pride in being peaceful and steady, and compassionate. If we could instil that pride in our children and youth, then their whole life will take a new direction. To end violence of any kind from our society, we need to commit to the human values of friendliness, compassion, and non-aggression. A lack of connectedness or belongingness breeds crime and violence. No individual can be violent against someone with whom he or she has a true sense of belongingness.

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