Guiding Light: Taking a determined step forward

Most of the people across the world celebrate the new years eve i.e the annual change of year with much fanfare as if everything in the world were going to change for the better from the next day.

A vast majority of them spend a lot of money on new year parties and often end up drunk and sick on the very first day of the new year. Many miss their work on the first day of the year because of the late-night parties they attend. The news channels churn out yearly reviews and the fortune-tellers have a good time doling out predictions for the anticipatory minds that put a lot of stake in their stars.

All in all New Year means a lot of memories, dreams and business for different people in the world. Now! if we think about it deeply, does the New Year bring any newness in our lives? We all are very much aware that the world we live in has become old, dilapidated and vicious where we have so many big and small problems that seem to have no lasting solution despite all efforts by humans to create better comforts and means to improve their lives.

Practically speaking, only when we give up our old habits, attitudes and behaviour and wear a new attitude of compassion, co-operation, harmony and respect, can we expect a new era to begin. Before that really happens, how can anything be celebrated as new in this old world? Does it make any sense? Because, nothing in this old world can be truly new as all human souls and elements of nature have become very old, impure, weak and destructive.

On the contrary, everything in the forthcoming New World will be brand new, wherein not only the traits of human souls will be renewed but also the entire nature and its elements will be rejuvenated to its original pristine quality.

Remember! the world becomes new only when human souls become completely pure in the present by eliminating the vices and sin within themselves. So, in the coming New Year, let us all take a determined step forward to change our negative attitudes and share only positive energy of peace, joy and love.

Let each one of us make a promise to reflect our best in thoughts, words and actions because when we change the world will change.

(The writer is a spiritual educator and popular columnist for publications across India, Nepal and UK. You can write to him at

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