Guiding Light: Spirituality is for all

Spirituality is for everybody who lives on this planet. It is a system that helps you to think beyond the mundane and transcend this material plane of existence. Spirituality gently pushes you into thinking of bigger things such as belief in a higher power, and seeking knowledge pertaining to this subject. Whenever you want to achieve anything in life there are a few mandatory requirements that you need to possess within yourself.

For example, in order to write anything, you need writing material such as pen, paper, pencils etc. Similarly in spirituality you begin to ponder about the larger picture; the purpose of your existence, and what life is all about. In this way when you begin to think about what comes after this life and this increases the value of this life for you. This can be witnessed in people who have had a lot of experience with life and its many circumstances. The rich and diverse experiences of life change your perspective completely and this can be seen in someone has lived a spiritual life.

You will be able to detect this quality in the elders of the society who have spent many decades on this planet. They have learnt many lessons in life which allows them to live a life free from guilt and regret and worry. They do not hold onto anything and are easy to forgive and forget. Thus, spirituality helps you to turn inward and take better care of your own self.

(The author is a spiritual yogic master. Founder, chairman and course director of Akshar Yoga, and president of the World Yoga Organisation)

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