Guiding Light: Self-empowerment through Self-motivation

All of us have a deep desire to be in a state of happiness forever. But it’s quite difficult to find someone who is truly blessed, to remain always happy. Isn’t it? The fact is that for most of us, the happy times are often broken by periodic sorrow or disappointment. Throughout our life, we put in maximum possible efforts to succeed in order to prevent failure, but ironically, in spite of all our desire for success, we ourselves undermine our efforts by thinking negatively.

It might be hard to believe, but the reality is that we pave the way for our success or failure through our thoughts itself. Yes! After all, every human action begins with a thought, which is followed by reflection, a decision and then action. So if our thoughts and actions are completely in harmony, we attain success. However, if our mind is full of doubts or fear about the task we are performing, it undermines our chances of success.

So how does one train a thought to work in our favour? Is it really possible? Yeah! It is. The only thing that we need to do is to make our thoughts as pure and positive as those of Almighty Supreme who transforms this world from one of sorrow and misery to one of peace and happiness with just a seed of powerful thought. A simple way to begin this process of transformation is to use asseveration.

An asseveration is a resolute statement that we make to our self. All of us use it intentionally or unintentionally throughout our day. When we wake up with a positive thought like “I feel great”, that is a positive asseveration. On the other day if we drag our self out of bed in the morning and whimper: “Ohh I feel drowsy”, that is a negative asseveration. We must understand that both these statements help us to maintain the emotional state that we are in… (To be continued)

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