Guiding Light: Relationship between humans and nature

-- Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji

While walking down the lanes of history, one would find that the most important discoveries in the world, like the law of gravity, were made when receptive persons observed and pondered over nature's automatic operation because nature, in its silent ways, demonstrates everything that a human heart and intellect seeks.

Through each of its five elements, known for their characteristic qualities, nature is a human being's best guide and teacher. The element of water is known to keep a low profile all the time, flowing towards a low lying surface. It is known to take the shape of whatever it is poured into, to meander its way through difficult terrains and yet meet its final destination, the sea.

It is said that a person who learns to master the art of adjustment and flexibility can never be subjected to the wrath of water, for he has befriended it. The element of fire is known to have a unique capacity of burning away or finishing the unwanted.

Unlike water, fire detoxifies without losing its original nature. It is for this reason that ores are treated to it for purity, clothes are disinfected in the sun and rubbish is burnt away. Similarly, the air breathes life into everything on earth. It is a natural transporter and carrier.

Temperamentally it is known to soothe, and to lift up spirits. It, along with the sky, or space as it is called, teaches the importance of the element of freedom. It is in the sky that the birds fly, that kites take their flight that humans escape to for experiencing unbounded recreation.

The vast expanse of sky holds the uncountable stars and their galaxies, planets and satellites, which automatically and silently follow a cyclical pattern of revolutions and rotations. The human body is the closest form of external nature. Our ancestors believed that the body of a person who has imbibed the lessons demonstrated by five elements of nature can never be hurt by the wrath of nature.

This is so because the natural environment is an extension of our internal nature and the disturbance in the latter is finally replicated in the fury of nature. Natural disasters and upheavals are becoming common because along with using the resources of nature, humans have bypassed the other lessons that it has to teach. So what we need to understand is that closer the man is to nature's benevolence, the more bountiful she becomes.

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