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If some element of the Gita has to enter you, you must be Krishna himself. Otherwise you cannot get it. Though it is happening full-scale everywhere, reading the Gita intellectually and trying to interpret it is nonsense. You cannot interpret truth; you can only experience truth. You cannot understand truth, you can only dissolve into it. It is not something that you grasp, it is something that you merge with. The Gita is not to be read and understood. You can become the Gita, but you cannot understand or learn the Gita.

If you want to know anything about the creation or Creator, within is the only place you should look. All books, no matter what antiquity they belong to, the older the book is, the more likely it is that many people have meddled with it. Even the Gita was not written by Krishna, obviously. He spoke in the battlefield – Arjuna did not have a tape recorder. Who wrote it then? Someone else wrote it and we don’t know how many misinterpretations happened.

Whether they have actually distorted it or not, human beings are capable of distortion. If you see something today with your own eyes and tell your neighbour, he goes and tells someone else. If it goes through twenty-five people in twenty-four hours and comes back to you, can you recognize that story? It is very obvious that human beings are capable of enormous distortion. When something has come down for thousands of years, you can imagine how much could have happened to it on the way. You know textbooks are being distorted every time an election happens; not history from prehistoric times, history from fifty years ago is being constantly distorted. You don’t know what exactly happened fifty years ago. When this is the condition, who knows what happened five thousand years ago? With just one word – why even with misplaced punctuation, you could change the whole context of what is being said.

These books were written by people who are capable of enormous distortion. But this book – this piece of life that you call “myself” – was written by the Creator himself. This cannot be wrong. In this, there is no distortion. There cannot be any misinterpretations. You just have to learn how to read this.

— Sadhguru, Isha Foundation

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