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Miracles are all around us, and they are an everyday occurrence. When a mother gives birth to her child, when beautiful flowers open their petals and bloom, or when water forms into giant floating glaciers. Each and every moment is a miracle. From the unique features that each human carries to the tenacity of a tiny insect- all these are miraculous creations.

Why are these miracles happening? Why are we unable to recognize them? The simplest answer to this is that we carry pre-defined notions of what a miracle should be like. This is because we are not consciously witnessing the divine manifestations of the energies. Veiled by ignorance, we are unable to understand our existence here on Earth. It is only when we stop, and begin to observe the things around us that we will we know that everything is spiritual and powerful. Miracles are everywhere, and they are occurring at every second. If you are fixated with the idea of a flying man being a feat of miracle, then shouldn’t you instead be marvelling at a plane? A metal container that easily carries 800 people and flies across the Earth at dizzying heights! Or take the Earth for example, we are nothing more than a cosmic rock suspended in space by a thread we call gravity. When you open your eyes with awareness and gratitude to see the mystical power of the universe, awakening takes place. A mother’s unconditional loving is a miracle too. Even the most joyous and wondrous of things lose their luster when we take them for granted. If you wish for your existence to be a delight each waking day, then you must sit up and take notice of the everyday miracles. Retain and protect your sense of wonder to develop a pair of new eyes and a new way of seeing.

— Grand Master Akshar, Yoga Master & Spiritual Guide

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