Guiding Light: Go spiritual to attain mental stability

Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji | Updated on: Thursday, April 29, 2021, 12:32 PM IST


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Not many of us know that the soul consists of three metaphysical powers - mind, intellect and resolves. The soul is the basic source of every action performed through the body and it can be termed as the storehouse of power and energy. However, most of us including psychiatrists, physical yoga teachers and clinicians do not know that hypothalamus is the locus of mind or soul which is the real culprit in this whole game of creating stress, tension, anxiety within us.

The soul or mind is an intelligent and conscient entity that thinks, thus when the soul has thoughts of worry, fear, anxiety etc.., its inner harmony gets disturbed and this, in turn, disturbs various nuclei in the hypothalamus, which in turn disturbs the whole system of endocrine glands, the hormonal balance and the autonomic nervous system along with visceral functions.

However, if the soul or mind withdraws itself from the adverse outer environment and negative attitudes by focussing its thoughts on its original nature which is peace & divinity, and directs its attention towards a higher source i.e Supreme, whose nature is absolute peace, it would then attain calmness and tranquillity.

This focussing of mind on a higher source is what we call “Meditation” or “Rajyoga” that releases tension on the nuclei of the hypothalamus due to peaceful thoughts and the state of withdrawal from the body and influences it through continuous feedback of slow, rhythmic impulses. It also activates the functions of various endocrine glands and set up a useful homeostatic balance between various hormones, thereby leading to good health and much more.
So flexible is this unique technique of Rajyoga, that there is no need to lie down or sit in a particular posture to practise it. One can easily practise it even when one is at work or maybe while walking or doing any activity. The whole idea is to set our mind in this posture, practising withdrawal and detachment when faced with problems that lead to hypertension and other mental-physical disorders.

What is required of one is to cogitate and ruminate the knowledge of the soul in order to withdraw the mind from the memories of evil persons & evil events of this gross world and expose the mind to Supreme, the ocean of peace. By doing this, the body & mind are then automatically harmonised and this state of harmony, happy feelings, noble thoughts, holy emotions and proper outlook cures a man of many diseases or reduces many ailments and helps him/her to recover easily & speedily. Doesn't this sound easy?

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Published on: Thursday, April 29, 2021, 12:32 PM IST