Guiding Light by Sadhguru: Conflict between religions

Religion is an inward step. Unfortunately, for many people, religion has just become about belonging to this group or that group. This has only brought hatred, conflict and separation among people. The same people who are together today, the moment they identify with their religions, suddenly they separate. Tomorrow they are burning each other’s homes. Ten minutes ago, they did not even think about such a thing.

The moment they get identified with some religious group, they are willing to fight. If they did not belong to these groups, at least they would have no reason to fight. Maybe some individuals will fight for some personal reasons, that is different. But the whole group of people has no reason to fight. This kind of mass stimulation of animal nature would not happen.

Religion should have made people Divine, but it is not even making them human. They are becoming like animals, because the moment you belong to a group, you want to protect your group. That is a natural reaction in you. It is a very basic human instinct.

Once you are identified with a particular group, you are always a threat to another group; you become an enemy of the others. Maybe you will talk to each other, you will be okay with each other, but the moment certain lines are crossed, it is war.

We need to create a world with more inclusiveness in individuals and the institutions of society. And inclusiveness is not only the fundamental nature of spiritual processes but the very basis and goal of life itself.

An inclusive consciousness will also lead to “inclusive economics,” as lack of economic opportunity is a major factor in fuelling terror. If major economic powers in the world strive to create “inclusive economics,” one big incentive for youth to get into militancy and acts of terror could be diffused.

A fundamental thing that has to come into education is, every school-going child should be exposed to the fundamental principles which drive the five major religions on the planet. It is the limited identities of race, religion, nationality that we build into our children which breeds legitimacy to violence. It is time that every child is taught a “global anthem” and global identity is nurtured.

This is not something that you can correct once and forget about. No. It needs constant correction all the time. Just one Jesus will not do; one Buddha will not do. Many are needed. Only then there is a possibility of keeping the world in some state of sanity. Otherwise, people will continue to go to extremes.

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