Doc Destiny: Significance of Holi colours

RED: This colour is associated with life and passion. The senses respond to this colour, and it is believed to speed up metabolic processes. Red is associated with outgoing people who are assertive and energetic. The colour stimulates our senses and emotions.

BLUE: This colour is associated with truth, tranquility and fidelity. This is believed to induce relaxation. People who like this colours are believed to be loyal and sensitive.

GREEN: This is regarded as the colour of money. It also indicates the permanence of life. It is associated with new life and spring. This colour is supposed to have healing properties and connected to nature.

PURPLE: In the west, this is the symbol of royalty. It is associated with mystery and wisdom. People who like this colour tend to be spiritual.

WHITE: This colour is associated with innocence and chastity. It represents peace and love. It indicates people who absorb well and are flexible in life.

ORANGE: This increases appetite and induces relaxation. This colour is associated with generous people with strong loyalties. It stimulates creativity and ambition.

YELLOW: This is sacred and is considered auspicious. It is associated with warmth and wisdom, but this colour is believed to increase stress. It is associated with talkative people. This colour is favourable for those in the field of law and marketing.

Colours you should use as per your date of birth:

1, 10, 19, 28: Brown, orange, copper, yellow & gold.

2, 11, 20, 29: Green, pale yellow, cream, silver and white. Avoid black

purple & dark red.

3, 12, 21, 30: Yellow, mauve, rose, violet & orange.

4, 13, 22, 31: Blue, silver, grey, khakhi & maroon. Avoid strong colours.

5, 14, 23: Light shades of grey, green, turquoise, silver & pink in glistering shades. Avoid dark colours.

6, 15, 24: All shades of blue, earth tones, green & pink, white. Avoid red & cream unless you are an Aries or a Scorpio.

7, 16, 25: Pale green/blue, purple, magenta, white, yellow & gold.

8, 17, 26: Dark shades of blue, purple, brown & black. Avoid light & gaudy colours.

9, 18, 27: Dark shades or red, crimson, pink, purple, blue & white.

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