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Watch Video: FPJ looks at new-age Dirty Dozen dealing in drugs on Mumbai streets

Today, drugs like cocaine, marijuana and hashish have reached the streets and are no longer the sole operational area of the known underworld gangs of Mumbai

Mumbai: The financial capital of India is famous for its Bollywood and nightlife which also saw drugs penetrate the affluent section of the society at parties that went on till dawn. But that was a different era. Today, drugs like cocaine, marijuana and hashish have reached the streets and are no longer the sole operational area of the known underworld gangs of Mumbai.

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) officials who have been cracking down on the drug dealers ever since it took up late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death say that new cartels, albeit much smaller in size than the likes of the cartel run by Iqbal Mirchi, have entered the society and are actively involved in peddling drugs.

Some of the gangs which have been named by the NCB are:


Though lodged in jail Iqbal Kaskar has managed to run the syndicate and NCB officials say that the gangster makes deals when he is taken to the hospital for a medical or gets out for a hearing and he passes on messages through his associates.


In January, NCB had arrested Parwez Khan alias Chinku Pathan, a notorious drug dealer of Mumbai along with one associate Zakir Hussain Fazal Huk Shaikh and seized 2.9 grams of Heroin, 52.2 grams of Mephedrone and one 9 mm blank Pistol from his residence at Ghansoli.


Arshad is an expert in Hydroponic cultivation and Javed used to manage distribution of Harvest. They were procuring seeds from Amsterdam and the Netherlands through the Dark web. The yield was sold to mediums size peddlers of Mumbai and Pune at the rate of Rs 2500 per gram for retail. Hydroponic weed is highly desirable in high society parties and rich people.


In November last year, NCB had seized 702.1 grams Ganja/Marijuana, 74.1 grams hashish and 3.1 grams Mephedrone along with Indian Currency Rs 1.68 lakh and an Innova Car at Andheri West and had intercepted one Wahid Abdul Kadir Sheikh alias Sultan. During Investigation, it was revealed that he supplied Ganja, MD and Charas to high profile customers in the Andheri area.


On specific information in March this year, NCB had made a seizure of 2.684 kilograms of Codeine based Cough Syrup and 185 grams of Ganja at Tantanpura Street, B-Ward and had arrested one Rafique Chand Shaikh. Rafique Chand Shaikh has been working for Danish Merchant alias Danish Chikna, an associate of ‘Chikna Gang’, which runs a huge network of drugs in Dongri.


In February, Bablu Patri, a notorious drug trafficker of Kurla was booked in two drug related cases by Mumbai Anti-Narcotics Cell in 2010-11. Bablu Patri was running a distribution network of poly drugs in Bandra, Kurla and South Mumbai areas.


On the basis of intelligence developed by NCB, Mumbai seized a total 2.029 Kilograms of Mephedrone, 160 grams Ephedrine along with cash Rs 1.15 lakh, and intercepted two persons namely Shahrukh Khan alias Shahrukh Bullet and Shadab Farooque Shaikh alias Shadab Batata in April this year at Qasam Nagar, Andheri (W).


In April, this year, the NCB seized 12 Kilograms of Ganja and arrested wanted criminal Sunil Nagesh Bhandari along with his accomplice Aman Suraj Gagde. Bhandari has nine serious offences against his name, including drug trafficking, attempt to murder and extortion.


The NCB on the basis of intelligence developed had seized 70 blots of LSD, 30 gram curated Marijuana (buds) and Charas and had arrested Zaid Rana and his accomplice Sonu Faiz from Oshiwara. Dangerous drugs like LSD, DMT, American Cannabis known as bud, cannabis extract known as dab etc are being bought through dark net by youngsters.


In July this year, the NCB team had raided a house at Jogeshwari (E) and arrested three persons - Sameer Mukhtar Sayyed alias Sam Langda, Zakir Sayyed alias Zakir Takla alias Zakir Chikna and Mohammad Amed Shamsuddin Shaikh. Sameer is a notorious, organised drug-lord. In the garb of being physically challenged, he was running his notorious drug trade.


In June 12, in a clandestine operation, the NCB officials had busted a racket allegedly involved in supply of brownies, which contained edible weed and marijuana, the sale and production of which is banned under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, after raiding a Malad based bakery. A woman and two others identified as Elston Fernandes and Jagat Chaurasia were arrested by the NCB in the said offence.

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Published on: Monday, August 09, 2021, 02:04 PM IST