Some students marked absent deliberately by Mumbai University

Mumbai: Many students are still clueless if they have passed or failed because their results are being declared as ‘withheld’ by the Mumbai University (MU). The university has marked them as absent deliberately and withheld the results stating Result Reserve (RR) on purpose so that these students do not fall under the failed category.

A large number of students in every course are in a muddle as they are marked absent for some papers despite being present for all the examinations. The students stated that their marksheet states absent in one particular subject or their online status shows results withheld. Some of the students cannot go to foreign universities for higher studies due to this error as their university is not ready to accept such a marksheet.

Irked and confused students thronged the colleges and university campus asking for help. A student said, “I do not know whether I have passed or failed as I have been marked absent. I have to go abroad and the deadline for my application is approaching. The help desk produced my result on priority but what is the use if I cannot go ahead with my admission due to this blunder.” There are three notifications where students are marked either absent, RR or RR2. A senior official of the university said, “If we do not mark them absent then they will get a zero mark for that particular examination. Therefore, they would be considered as failed in that examination. To avoid this, we are marking them absent and holding their results in reserve.” Secondly, the students are marked RR2 because they have not cleared their lower examination.

Students panicked as they are unaware about these criteria. Students claimed, “There is nothing mentioned when we check our results. What does this even mean? My friends of the same course have received their result but only my result is withheld. Why is the university declaring half done results?”

The MU is focusing on resolving this issue. Arjun Ghatule, new acting head of examination of the MU, said, “Our focus is on declaring the results held in reserve in a matter of 10 days. These results are held in reserve because their assessment is not completed or their papers need time to be tracked. We request students to wait.”

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