Social media play the influential ‘Joker’ among youths

Mumbai: Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are new influencers letting youngsters decide their mood, personality and self-worth.

Although by holding out connectivity, social media has its positive side, over 70 per cent of youngsters are faking their image on social media platforms, while 42 per cent are envious when they see posts by other social media users, reveals research by students of St Xavier’s College, Fort.

From being a platform to express and share pictures, information and opinion, social media has now turned into a powerful medium, affecting the psychology and thinking pattern of youngsters.

Many youths scroll through Instagram only to ‘check out’ the so-called fancy lives portrayed by their friends. This ultimately ma­kes them question what they are doing in life, or rather, what they are missing.

Questioning self-worth

Pictures and videos posted on Instagram encourage us to post new things because everybody out there is either travelling or starting a new venture. Carolina Mumtaz, a working youth, says, “When I see the travel stories of my friends, I feel like travelling too.

And then, I begin questioning myself, am I living my life to the fullest? Am I enjoying the money I earn? Do I have any travel stories to share? It all begins with these tiny questions, which then unknowingly compel us to share even if we do not want to.”

Faking it

If everybody is having fun, I should have fun too! Tanush Agrawal, a student, says, “Most of the time, everyone seems to be so happy and always partying or meeting friends on social media.

I too feel like posting images of my outings or trips. But often, only the good and happy times are shared on social media. It’s like nobody shares the effort taken to study or clear an examination to study abroad. But everybody posts their pictures, once they land abroad in a foreign university.”

The good side of social media

It’s always said, in a clichèd manner, you will remember the ‘Joker’ more than ‘Batman’. The negative influence of social media has a lasting impact but there is a positive side too.

Razai Quereshi, a social media expert says, “You can connect to somebody living miles away from you. Many youngsters are collaborating, working together, travelling as a group or even starting a new venture through social media.”

While Amanjeet Khutan, a student, says, “There is so much of quality work displayed, especially on Instagram, which inspires like minded people.”

Know WHY you are using the app

Regardless of the influence, if you know why you are using a particular application, it will help you. Rachel D’cruz, a fashion blogger and art influencer, says, “I use social media for my work and I take inspiration, ideas and positivity from the work of others that I see.

You should know why you are using a particular app because only then can you let it affect you.” While, Jay Vishwas, an artist, says, “Comparisons are easy but do not let everything get to your head. Life is not as fancy as it appears on Snapchat, everything is subjective.”

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