Prices and MRP of essential and non-essential commodities may hike, anticipate truckers association

Kamal Mishra | Updated on: Monday, April 04, 2022, 09:06 PM IST

Representative pic | ANI
Representative pic | ANI

There is a possibility of hike in prices and MRP of essential and non-essential commodities. This is what the truckers are anticipating following the hike in diesel prices. In the last 12 days or so they claim that diesel prices have increased by Rs 9 per litre which will needs to be passed on to end consumers.

The truckers and transporters are harrowed by the back to back hike in petroleum prices. In fact their associations claim that there is already a backlash within the road transport sector against the fuel price hike. They claim that the fuel hike is forcing them to bear the brunt of 12-15 percent on their input costs which will reflect on end prices of the goods as well.

"Its pathetic and disappointing to note the Government's indifference to the negative impact of rising diesel prices on the transport sector, people and the economy. The high inflation in the economy is giving all tell-tales of imminent recession," claimed Bal Malkit Singh, Chairman - Core Committee,

All India Motor Transport Congress. "We are communicating with the Government about the same".

The transporters are condemning the diesel price hikes as it renders the transport operations economically non viable. Small operators are being shunted out of business because of this.

"We have appealed to the Govt to control the continual hikes as it did during the election times. It has been hiked for the twelfth time in last 14 days with hike of Rs 9 per litre or so," said B Katke, another transporter who runs trucks and tempos carrying essential goods.

The food and grain suppliers claim that the hike in diesel prices will certainly impact it's transportation. "We will be forced to pass on the transportation cost on the retailers buying from us. The probable impact could be seen on grains, pulses and non-essential goods. Something like vegetables and fruits have shorter shelf life and so vendors and sellers are forced to sell at lesser prices at the end of the day as compared to the prices that they quote during day time," explained a wholesaler from APMC Market.

The transporters are demanding that the fuel rate revision should be quarterly and there should be uniform pricing across the country. Also, the diesel and petrol should be brought under GST.

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Published on: Tuesday, April 05, 2022, 06:55 AM IST