Mumbai: An ex-secretary of a housing society from Malad was arrested for uploading the pics of the new chairperson of the same society. The accused, Alpesh Valabhdas Parekh (47), allegedly uploaded the pics and contact details on a dating site after he was voted out by members. Alpesh had been the secretary of a housing society for the last two years. Members were annoyed due to his rude behaviour.

Also, he used to penalise them over trivial issues. The members join hands to remove him from the post in the elections in April. Alpesh could not stomach it. “Alpesh was angry at his removal. To teach them a lesson, he uploaded the pics of the newly-elected lady chairperson and her mobile number,” said an officer of the Crime Branch.

On April 16, the 36-year-old chairperson of the society, a bank manager, was shocked to receive a call from an unknown man, de­m­anding sex. Initially, she ign­o­red the call, but she kept getting such calls. It rattled the victim as to why she was receiving these calls.

When enquired, she was shocked to learn her mobile number and pics were uploaded on a dating site ( She lodged an FIR. While probing, the Crime Branch unit 11, learnt one more female society member’s phone number was uploaded on the same site.

The accused had also uploaded information about male members of the society committee. In fact, the accused had given elaborate information on behalf of the committee mem­ber, whose details he had up­loaded. Police identified the fake email IDs created in the name of a member. A month on, Alpesh was caught in a raid in a bar in Kandi­vali a few days ago.