Mumbai: BMC adds 1,500 more Covid beds at Nesco centre

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) added 1,500 Covid beds at the Nesco Jumbo Covid Centre in Goregaon, of which 1,000 are oxygen beds and remaining 500 beds are general beds. These beds have been set up in the 'E' hall of the Covid centre, of which 200 beds have been functional on Monday, while remaining beds will be utilised phase-wise.

“A total of 2,200 beds were commissioned in the first phase at the Nesco Covid Centre, of which 200 were HDU beds and 300 were oxygen beds. The total capacity of the center has increased to 3,700 beds with adding 1,500 covid beds in the second phase,” said a senior health official.

Nearly 30 per cent of overall Covid-19 beds across Mumbai are lying vacant, while around 40 per cent of Covid beds in the private hospitals are still occupied by the patients. As per the data, 6,395 of the total 15,753 beds are occupied at the private hospitals, which mean 40.59 per cent. The BMC will be adding 300 ICU beds at the jumbo Covid centres and hospitals in a phased manner. Civic officials said they have enough beds vacant for Covid-19 patients and will increase in future.

According to the BMC dashboard, there are 21,883 covid beds, of which 15,753 are occupied, while 6,130 are lying vacant. Similarly, 70 of the total 2,923 ICU beds are vacant and 22 of 1,501 ventilators are vacant until May 2. Currently, their focus is on increasing ICU and ventilators beds. Around 100 each ICU and ventilators beds were set up on Monday at jumbo centres.

Suresh Kakani, BMC additional commissioner said the Covid-19 situation in Mumbai is stabilising. The demand for Covid beds has reduced. The demand for oxygen has increased in the last 10 days, but now everything is streamlined. “We have a decentralised system for allocating the Covid beds. We have set up ward war rooms so that patients who are in urgent need will get the beds. We had learnt most of them use to reserve beds directly through their source due to which we had strictly ordered all the hospitals to not admit any patients until they get a call from ward-war room,” he said.

Kakani said there are increasing ICU and ventilator beds in the next 2-3 days. Considering the demand of ICU and ventilator beds they will be adding around 400 beds at the jumbo Covid centres. “In next two days we will be setting up 100 each ICU and ventilators beds and another will be added in phase-wise. However the beds at private hospitals are occupied as most of the patients from high-rise buildings reserved it due to which needy patients do not get the bed,” he said.

Meanwhile, since the BMC implemented a new protocol of bed allocation demands have reduced and the number of vacant beds has also increased. “We found out that allocation of beds after medical check-up, the demand and occupancy of ICU beds are declining gradually. It is just a psychological thing when patients and their relatives looking at their symptoms feel that they need to be admitted in the ICU or need oxygen beds, when they actually don’t need one. The problem has been rectified. We are putting all efforts to make beds available to patients according to their needs,” Kakani added.

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