Mumbai: After suffering from COVID-19, patients complain of back aches

The second Covid wave has taken a toll on citizens’ lifestyle, following which most patients who have been home quarantined have developed backaches, say doctors. According to doctors, It is the need of the hour that such patients seek timely treatment and manage pain via medication and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

A 39-year-old software engineer Ashish Gawande, a resident of Pune, suffered terrible back pain after suffering from Covid. The pain was excruciating that Gawande couldn’t carry out his day-to-day activities. He used to find it difficult to sit, sleep and stand.

After four days, he ran a temperature. The constant back pain and fever forced him to visit a doctor. He turned out to be Covid positive. However, his symptoms were mild and so were advised of home isolation. His treatment was immediately initiated and he was given appropriate medication to manage the back pain.

Similarly, in another case, a 28-year-old Wazid has been suffering from backache for the last two years. A tailor by profession, Wazid was infected with the virus but his symptoms were also mild. However, now he is suffering from post Covid symptoms. Many patients like him are facing similar issues post Covid.

Doctors said people with pre-existing back problems have been affected the most as their issue has aggravated post Covid. Some patients require surgery, while others manage to get treated with medications, physical activities and lifestyle changes.

Dr. Om Patil, endoscopic spine surgeon with Apollo Spectra Hospital, said those who had mild Covid symptoms in the age group of 25 to 40 complained of back aches. There is a psychological reason behind this as they rest for long and fail to exercise as they don’t follow an active lifestyle. But, back pain is not a primary presentation in serious Covid patients having severe lung problems. Many patients who recovered from Covid may also suffer from lingering back pain for weeks.

“It is essential for patients to stay active and stick to a wellbalanced diet and exercise regularly. Try to keep moving in the house. Do not sit in one place for long. Apply a heat pad on the back to get relief. Avoid lifting heavy objects, maintain a proper posture, stay hydrated and rest enough. Do not self-medicate by taking over-the-counter medication as it can aggravate the issue.”

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