Mumbai: MIG club harasses member over complaint to MHADA

Mumbai: Controversy has erupted in a suburban club, MIG Cricket Club at Bandra east, between one member and the rest of the club, including other members. While public is demanding transparency from the government, when it comes to the functioning of this club the story is different.

Abhishek Chincholikar (21) has raised complaints of the club erecting illegal structures in the premises. The bone of contention being, the club has not definitely affirmed these structures are ‘illegal’ or not. Other club members meanwhile are feeling slighted for Chincholikar bringing bad repute to their club.

The annoyance of the committee members, prompted them to put a public notice, dated March 29, Chincholikar of filing complaints about the removal of monsoon shed. Chincholikar had written the complaint letter to different government agencies. The club was forced to remove the structure.

Moreover, on the notice board, it has stated, since the structure has been removed, the reception counter will not be functional and the rear gate (back side entry gate) will be closed till further notice. A copy of the notice is with the Free Press Journal.

However, Chincholikar claims ever since the notice has been put, the other members have blamed him for causing inconvenience. “By putting my name on the notice board, they have spoilt my reputation. I have followed the law and instead I have to explain to the members on a daily basis I have done no wrong.

My complaint was against the illegal structures erected by the club and I have no role play in them shutting the back entry gate,” said Chincholikar. Chincholikar in his complaint has written, even though the MIG club has removed the monsoon shed, a second illegal structure–a cabin built for the cricketers on the public ground has still not been pulled down.

“How can the club erect any illegal structure on a public ground that has been given by a government meant only for conducting sports activities? Earlier this cabin was temporary but now the club has constructed a permanent structure. That cabin has all facilities on the ground,” remarked Chincholikar.

The young vigilant Chincholikar is a life member of this club, at the age of 15 years old and his parents paid Rs 1.5 lakh. Today, the same membership costs Rs 10 to 12 lakh. Ordinary members have to pay Rs 12,000 annually. The club provides indoor and outdoor sports activities.

Following the repeated complaints made by Chincholikar to the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) and other agencies against the irregularities undertaken by MIG club, he has been summoned twice and asked for an explanation by the club authorities.

The first letter was issued on December 6, 2018 and second on February 28 this year. The letter dated December 6, 2018 specifically mentions, “You (Chincholikar) acted against the club’s interest or rules on a couple of occasions and indulged in acts against the club.

The latest being your complaint against the club to MHADA and other government authorities without approaching the club management. This can lead to action against you under the relevant clause of the constitution of the club. You are required to explain in writing justifying your conduct.”

After he gave an explaination, he was called for a personal hearing by the management committee on March 8. In the hearing, they asked him to give a written apology. “During the hearing, they also raised some past instances to give a different turn.

I believe, my complaints to the MHADA and other agencies was in the interest of the club and not against it,” said Chincholikar. Despite repeated attempts to get the feedback from the Chairman and General Secretary of MIG club, they refused to provide any comment on the issue.

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