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Latest coronavirus update: What changes have you introduced amid the virus outbreak?

India is currently in a critical phase, where all out measures are being implemented to contain the number of cases and prevent any community transmission of the virus.
coronavirus update | -(PTI Photo)

coronavirus update | -(PTI Photo)


Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases reported in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra has been steadily rising.

India is currently in a critical phase, where all out measures are being implemented to contain the number of cases and prevent any community transmission of the virus. In Maharashtra, the state government has already invoked the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897.

It has also directed that all malls, schools, colleges, technical institutions and coaching classes across the state be shut till March 31. Cinema theatres, public gyms and swimming pools have also been shut.

FPJ asked its readers - What changes or precautions have been introduced to your daily life amid the Coronavirus outbreak? Here’s a look at what a cross-section of Mumbaikars had to say:

I work for a corporate finance company. My company has permitted all employees to work from home. All meetings have been cancelled for the moment. My colleagues, family and friends are panicking, but we are trying to stay safe and avoid crowded places. We do not know how long we will have to work this way.

—Fedori Majetia, finance executive

Since it is now a pandemic, I have started taking extra precautions and have also informed my co-colleagues to take care. I have started using hand wash and sanitisers on a frequent basis, and also make sure to sanitise the objects which I am using daily. As an extra precaution, I wear a mask in crowded places like trains and railway stations. These are the changes that have been made to my daily routine.

—Raunak Singh, sales executive

We do not step out of our home without masks or sanitisers. We ensure our house is not cluttered and maintain cleanliness more than before. We have given two pairs of hand gloves and masks and a bottle of sanitiser to our domestic help, which we thought will be helpful for them.

Besides this my daughters who are doctors made them aware about coronavirus and what they can do to prevent coronavirus from affecting themselves and their families.

—Mili Shetty, Kandivali resident

Few years ago, we had fought the SARS virus, which was more dangerous. So, we should not panic. I use simple methods like washing hands regularly, having a lot of water. I also use alum stone to purify water these days. Finally, I would like to say 'Corona se daro na'.

—Pankaj Chavan, advocate

I am not panicking due to the situation. The only significant change that I have introduced to my daily routine is that I have begun drinking a lot of hot water at regular intervals to keep myself healthy.

—Ramesh Siroya, advocate

My retail business has been affected due to the outbreak of the virus as I am facing losses in import and export of goods. I have shut shop and given holidays to all my workers for one week.

But I do not think this virus outbreak is that alarming, and people should not panic. We can stay safe if we maintain basic hygiene and get adequate medical treatment on time.

—Francis Archer, shop owner and retailer

I have stopped eating outside food, and have been avoiding going to crowded places. I have also stopped eating cold items such as ice cream, to negate any chances of developing a cough or cold.

Instead, I have been drinking hot water which I carry from home. I have also cancelled all long distance travel in public transportation such as trains, and also avoiding catching any flights.

Sunish Subramanian Kunju, animal rights activist

Initially, the whole coronavirus scare did not bother us at all. However, since the last one week, we have changed how we meet people. We do not let our children play outside for a long time.

We made it a point to explain to them how important it is to wash their hands and feet each time they home come from outside. We also watch the news closely every day to keep ourselves updated on the developments related to the outbreak.

—Pooja Sarvade, Dahisar resident

As a housewife, I have taken some precautions to fight against coronavirus. Most importantly, I have stopped eating non vegetarian food for a few days. I always keep the food covered, have stopped buying and eating food sold by roadside vendors, and give hot food to my children and other family members. I have also given hand sanitisers to my children, and have told them to carry and use it whenever they go out.

—Aarti Mayekar, housewife

I work in the hotel industry so I have to interact with guests from different places all the time. It is quite risky as I do not have an option to work from home. My hotel has not given us leaves but we have been instructed to have minimum interactions with guests. Also, we have been told to wear masks and wash our hands regularly.

—Aslam Bashir, housekeeping staff


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Published on: Monday, March 16, 2020, 07:27 AM IST