Hospitals will have to register online to conduct organ transplant: Directorate of Health Services

Mumbai: Organ donation is now just a click away and with less paperwork. This comes after the Maharashtra government launched a dedicated website ‘Maha Ayu Daan’ or which will deal with organ donation cases online.

For this, the hospitals who want to conduct organ transplant or want to retrieve organs have to first register themselves on the web portal and then seek permissions online. Moreover, the hospitals which already have permission for this organ transplant and retrieval will also have to register online.

“Most of the times there are some hospitals which are allowed to retrieve organs while others have the permission for transplants. So the hospitals who were earlier conducting organ transplant now have to now compulsory register themselves online,” said an official.

The website was launched last week and hospitals have to provide information about the number of organ retrievals and transplants which have been conducted on the website. Dr Arun Yadav, Assistant Director (Organ Donation), the Directorate of Health Services (DHS), said the new initiative will reduce pressure from the patients and hospitals as it will reduce paperwork and will help to complete the procedure hassle-free.

“Now the hospitals have to daily submit the report online with the number organ retrieved and organ transplants on a daily basis, earlier it was done on a weekly basis. It will also provide information on the number of organ retrievals and transplants which are being conducted,” said Dr Yadav.

Online Procedures

8 For registration, the hospitals need to submit required documents online and they will have to renew their licenses every five years.

8 In Maharashtra, there are 174 hospitals registered for organ transplants, while there are 227 hospitals registered for tissue donation.

8 There are 64 hospitals registered for organ retrieval.

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