Growth of Digital Marketing Industry in India 2018

The digital marketing industry is seeing an exponential rise in India. It is evident both from statistical figures and otherwise. With e-commerce businesses expanding, it is but natural that the digital marketing industry is also growing. Today, you will find companies offering digital marketing services everywhere – it’s easy to find a digital marketing company in Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and in fact in every nook and corner of the country.

Revolution in the Digital Marketing Industry

It’s not only digital marketing companies; in fact, there are SEO companies as well. Let’s say an SEO company in Mumbai is offering all services related to search engine optimization. Most SEO companies have started offering digital marketing services as well. This is because the Indian internet traffic will be nearly 291 times more than what it was in 2005 according to an estimate.

The huge revolution in the digital operations has opened doors for digital marketing in the country. Any digital marketing company in Pune, Delhi, Bangalore or in any other part of the country wants to benefit out of it. This revolution has led to the annual growth of digital marketing to the tune of 25% – 40% in the country.

If any SEO or digital marketing company has to be successful, it needs to keep adapting to the new and upcoming trends. If they keep clinging to the tools or strategies that were successful few years back, they will soon be wiped out of business.

Digital Marketing Has a Huge Potential

India is a hugely populated country and studies show that an average Indian spends 4.4 hours in a day on the internet while using their laptops. The smartphone penetration in the country is also on the rise and using their smart devices they spend nearly 3.1 hours on an average on the internet. Given that a day has only 24 hours, it’s a huge percentage of time that is spent on the internet.

Even a layman will understand the huge potential that is there for digital business with such significant figures of internet users. To tap this potential, you only need the right kind of digital marketing campaigns, which any SEO company in Mumbai, Delhi or in any other location understands. They devise the right kind of marketing strategies applying all the relevant tools and techniques to attract the attention of this vast population of potential buyers.

The market for digital marketing is huge given that 68% of the brands selling in the percentage are only going to increase in the future. Out of this 68%, 42% of the brands today are opting for social media marketing as their prime digital marketing platform. This is because all those internet users who are still not inclined to buy things online are present on some social platform for sure, especially Facebook and Twitter. By using these social platforms, the companies make sure that they are able to reach out to these people. They then hope to bring these people to their websites through their different marketing strategies.

Most of the brands allocate a big chunk of their marketing budget for the digital platforms. A survey indicated that nearly 40% of those who use the digital marketing have a prime motive of lead generation. This is, however, a surprising shift because in one of the surveys in 2016, it was found that creating brand awareness was the prime objective of a digital marketing exercise.

This simply indicates that marketing objectives to keep changing along with the search engine algorithms and consumer expectations. To stay competitive in digital marketing, it is thus important for the companies to devise their strategies not only based on the needs and expectations of the modern Indian consumer but also the objective of the companies.

Once the marketing strategies help them in diverting traffic and lead generation, the revenue generation eventually falls in place. The whole idea of marketing today is to attract the potential consumers to your websites. Once they are there, it depends on how good and how economical your products and services are to convert them into sales.

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